Two in One – CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

Two in One – CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

A lot of people consider CRM solutions and marketing automation tools to be two completely different platforms that need to be used separately. This is because they think that their sales teams and marketing teams work separately.

Although this is true to an extent, they also have to collaborate – they go hand in hand and fuel each other’s results. This is why there is a need for combined CRM and Marketing automation platforms in which both of them can work together and collaborate more effectively rather than using separate tools.

How these marketing and sales tools go hand in hand

Marketing and sales are constantly evolving and improving. This has brought them closer and made them mutually dependent. They need to be synchronized and work together to increase results.

These changes have created the need for combined CRM solutions that can bring both sides to one seamless platform. When processes are combined, lead lifecycles can be accelerated with behavior tracking and customer data integrations.

Marketing departments mainly focus on creating customer interest and engaging potential customers. They rely on various sources such as websites, searches, social media, ads, and other channels to achieve their goals.

Sales team are later activated to try and convert the interest that the marketing teams have created. Their activities revolve around interacting with customers in a direct way through cold calls, text messages, emails, and so on.

Sales and marketing combined

When these two activities are combined both departments work as one. Marketing activities are focused on creating as much visibility as possible, while sales teams rely on the information shared with them to directly approach potential customers individually and with a personal approach.

Simply put, the sales departments will have better understanding of the marketing activities and where the customers currently are in the cycle, allowing them to do their jobs better. The goals, processes, methods, and timing are aligned, leading to more effective results.

The Benefits of CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

  • The communication with customers is consistent during the whole cycle.
  • Aligned sales and marketing goals lead to the use of the same data and better processes are created to increase
  • Increased process transparency.
  • Improved collaboration and reduced feedback time from one department to another, as both departments are involved in what is going on within the system.
  • Increased conversions through automation and lead tracking.
  • Sharing valuable insights between departments through their processes.

CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms are a must if your organization’s goal is to combine these two processes and create an effective machine that will make the most of each lead.

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