Top 7 Marketing Automation Systems

Top 7 Marketing Automation Systems

It is not an easy task for modern businesses to market their products to a wide audience. They have to handle loads of data, be in constant search of new leads, and then devote much time to their nurturing – but even all these efforts, taken all together, cannot guarantee that the company will be a success. In order to become more competitive and prosperous, organizations are applying to marketing automation platforms, which make them more agile and customer centric. According to the research conducted by Aberdeen Group, companies using BPM software have 17 times more chances to track all their essential information than those who refuse to implement such systems.

Modern vendors offer us a wide variety of marketing automation tools, and it is a real challenge for enterprises to select the right solution – the most suitable product with the appropriate set of instruments. It is essential for every business to find the platform that meets its individual needs, as well as the specific requirements of the given market area. Today we’ve prepared the list of seven best marketing automation softwares, so that you could easily check out their key characteristic features and advantages.


Bpm’online Marketing Automation System

It is a cloud-based marketing automation system aimed at improvement of business processes and elevation of customer service to higher standards. The distinctive feature of this BPM system is that it lets companies differentiate their leads, analyze prospects’ behavior, and easily distinguish ready-to-buy leads on the grounds of their purchase history. All this helps enterprises streamline their communication with clients and adapt to buyers’ behavior, which increases the level of customer satisfaction. Another considerable benefit of this marketing automation software regards to its agility and flexibility: with bpm’online companies get the unique opportunity to easily integrate client data and contact profiles targeting at building and tracking their digital campaigns with maximum efficiency.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing Automation System

It is an advanced BPM system bringing all the organization’s marketing efforts together and helping it grow traffic and boost conversions. HubSpot’s CRM marketing tools let businesses create user-attractive content, optimize it in accordance with market requirements, and distribute the right information among the right audiences. The platform includes a variety of instruments for creation of engaging ‘calls-to-action’ and personalization of website messages, so that they could meet the visitors’ specific needs. This online marketing automation system lets organizations design appropriate workflows and customize content. All this makes the clients of such companies feel as if they were their only priority.


Exponea Marketing Automation System

It is a cloud-based marketing automation solution, which blends process improvement and analytics in order to enhance customer experience and increase the level of client satisfaction. The system helps organizations deliver accurate buyer analysis and predict customer behaviour. Having implemented this CRM for marketing management, companies get the opportunity to create, design, and plan high-grade campaigns without the need to rely on their IT specialists. All the necessary tools are provided by the platform itself. The distinctive feature of this CRM solution is that it makes use of detailed client data and helps businesses understand their customers and satisfy their needs in real time.


Boomtrain Marketing Automation System

It is a result-oriented online marketing software, which helps modern companies analyze web content in every detail, so that they could get a full picture of their customer behavior. With Boomtrain, businesses can track their websites, mobile applications, and other customer contact points in order to derive actionable insights. The system is easily integrated with other apps and services; therefore the users can transfer data with minimum effort and without the necessity of using additional tools. It is the best online marketing software for those who want to deliver individual relevant messages via multiple channels, at different scales, and in real-time mode.


Pardot Marketing Automation System

It is a B2B CRM solution enabling businesses to design, deploy, and handle numerous marketing campaigns for the purpose of improving their efficiency and boosting revenue. This marketing automation system has a set of modules, which help enterprises create, manage, and activate lead generation elements, such as landing pages, email campaigns, lead nurturing programs, and so on. The platform automates the process of qualifying prospects by means of assigning each lead to the best sales representative. Using this marketing software, companies get the opportunity to accumulate all the necessary data on their clients and store it in a single database.


Infusionsoft Marketing Automation System

It is an online CRM solution designed to meet the needs of small businesses only. The system provides a variety of lead generation tools and helps companies organize and boost sales irrespective of their niche. The key benefit of this marketing CRM is that it lets enterprises easily engage leads and convert them into ready-to-buy customers. With Infusionsoft, businesses get a free hand to expend less time in attracting prospects, streamlining sales, and closing more deals.


Autopilot Marketing Automation System

It is an intuitive marketing funnel automation system that allows enterprises convert more leads by means of building personalized journeys for their contacts. With this platform, businesses can send emails and make calls to the right person and at the right moment. This online marketing software includes a number of end-to-end marketing automation instruments that give sales reps freedom from IT. Using Autopilot, companies get the opportunity to execute multiple campaigns, both regional and global, in a few clicks. Besides, this marketing automation platform helps businesses manage their online campaigns in the most efficient way and generate reports about ROI in real time.

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