Top 6 reasons why a valid HTML matters for Websites

Top 6 reasons why a valid HTML matters for Websites

In simple language, HTML is a hypertext markup language that made the Internet the way we know and love these days. It is a wonderful tool that makes websites look modern, beautiful and professional, allowing visitors to use them easily and effortlessly.

In other words, The HTML language composes the elements of the web page into a user-friendly interface. Many websites have poorly written HTML without quotes around attribute values or use of characters. It is because they serve the same page a billion times a day. In that case, bytes start to matter. However, using a valid HTML always helps entrepreneurs in the web-based business in many ways. Have a look at some of them that are detailed here below:

It Affects Website Crawling Rate

In simple words, when you publish a new content on a website or blog, it doesn’t get listed in the search results all of a sudden. First of all, crawlers of different search engines visit it, evaluates it and if everything is found be ok, they add websites or websites in their databases and SERPs.

Added sites and pages are displayed in search results against the user’s keywords and terms. All SEO professionals must always keep in mind that westies/web-pages with broken HTML or unsupported content make the crawling job difficult for search engine bots. If Google fails to parse the content or your website or web page, don’t expect its quick indexing. So, make sure the HTML tag used by you is valid and meets the Google’s standard.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Cross-browser compatibility is an important factor in website design and development which makes designers, layout designers, developers and all other people struggle with testing sites on several browsers. In short, Cross-browser compatibility is the ability of the site to display correctly in different browsers. Modern Internet users have a wide choice of browsers. If you do not test and/or do not change the layout and styles to the most popular browsers, you will simply lose many potential visitors because, for them, your site will be unavailable or difficult to view.

As per Google, Google suggests the use of correct HTML to ensure the appropriate rendering of websites or web pages. If you use clean and valid HTML, it helps your websites or web pages to load faster and easily get indexed by Google.

Paves A Positive Experience to User

All digital marketing professional must always keep in mind that Google makes use of user experience as an important parameter to rank websites and web pages. So, take note of the mobile-friendly requirements of your website and care about each and every click. It is highly unlikely that Google makes use of valid HTML as a ranking factor. It is believed that the use of valid HTML can indirectly affect the user experience as websites or pages are rendered quickly, help users to find the required info, products, services, in a short duration of time. According to Google, valid HTML helps web pages or websites to work properly on all devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Your Website or Web-pages works Well Everywhere

If you think visitors just use Google to visit your website, then you are absolutely wrong. Today’s tech-savvy people access websites or web-pages from different sources, such as through search engines, social media channels, social bookmarking websites, video sharing platforms, Q-A websites, etc. The use of valid HTML ensures that websites and web-pages work very well on all platforms, allowing you to get lots of traffic and business opportunities every day.

Valid HTML and Google Merchant Center Go Hand to Hand

Google Merchant Center – a tool used by the SEO professionals for creating shopping ads, also recommends using valid HTML. It traces the price you pay on based on the landing page of your website. If you use valid HTML, it helps the Google Merchant Center to detect the correct price. You can use the W3C validation service to have a look at the HTML files and make the necessary improvements if required.

Invalid HTML in Head Section Smashes Hreflang

All SEO professionals must keep in mind that Google will not index the Hreflang tags if invalid HTML code is used. It is because the invalid code in the head section can break Google’s crawl. When Google’s bot crawl and index such pages and tries to render them, everything within the head already breaks. So, Google fails to render and index such pages in its database. Be careful about this and tackle the matter as soon as possible with the help of a webmaster.

Final Words

Valid HTML always matters for websites or web-pages. It allows them to perform well on different browsers, applications, operating systems. It allows visitors to easily access websites or web pages from different sources.

Author Bio: This article is written by Morris Edwards. He is a web developer & marketing expert, employed with Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd, which is the best Web Development Company in Singapore.

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