Sales CRM – The Top 3

Sales CRM – The Top 3

It wasn’t that long ago that sales professionals the world over were relying on manual spreadsheets, blue sheets, notes and memory to move their client’s orders down the sales funnel. There were letters, faxes, telexes and phone calls to keep track of. Those were chaotic days and no matter how organized a business was, it all depended on how committed a sales professional was on organization. There was always a compromise that a business had to strike between organization and meeting sales targets. The more you had of one, the less you had of the other.

Enter the 21st century and in two short decades, everything changed for the salesman. Smartphones and tablets are as pervasive as morning coffee. Sales professionals now have all of their personal performance, KPIs, team achievements, client communications, closed deals, contracts, orders, quotes, logs, prospects and much more, all neatly organized into a real time, drill down dashboard that fits whichever screen size they prefer on the device the prefer.

Well, at least thats what sales pros can do now if their employers wants it. However, the fact of the matter remains that a business operating in 2017 will be left far behind the competition if they do not employ smart lead generation practices and react to opportunities as fast the competition does. Today’s fast paced world has taken those businesses that still rely on spreadsheets, notes and faxes to the edge of extinction.

The Era Of The CRM Platform

So what can CRM do for my sales bottom line? Quite a lot! Modern CRM sales platforms effectively provide comprehensive sales cycle management allow your business to score leads from various channels (electronic or otherwise), track those leads from capture to conversion, generate quotes, orders, contracts, capture client communications related to a particular opportunity, manage sales teams provide real time insights into the health of your sales operation. And that is just the beginning!

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In depth details of what a sales management system can do for your organization in beyond the scope of this article. But for the sake of completion, here is a list of some of the spectacular benefits your business can hope to gain from incorporating your sales in CRM platforms:

  • Automated lead generation (from digital channels such as online marketing campaigns on websites, email and social media)
  • Sales workflow management and automation
  • Customer profile management
  • Process compliance and enforcement
  • Simplified sales planning
  • Improved lead conversion
  • Pricing and order fulfillment
  • Performance tracking and analysis
  • Business intelligence and insights

It goes without saying that an improved sales operation leads to an increase in new and repeat business, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, all of which leads to increased revenue and lowered operating costs.

The Top 3 CRM Platforms In 2017

BPM’online: Bpm’online is the frontrunner on our list and is one of the market’s leading sales CRM platforms available today. It provides comprehensive and intelligent sales cycle management capabilities. Because it unites sales, marketing, and customer service operations in a single platform, sales professionals will be able to sell better by addressing documented concerns and preferences of existing clients through their service history. Bpm’online sales includes a wealth of process templates suited for many industries following best practices, thus making the process of user adoption and best practice incorporation significantly easier.


Powerful 3rd party integration capabilities with email servers, digital marketing campaign, call centers and social media platforms provide a powerful lead generation capability. Sales professionals decision makers and team leaders alike will be able to track individual and team progress through real time dashboards for optimization purposes. Powerful reporting, mobile readiness and further integration with popular accounting and inventory management systems for pricing and availability options further extends its already rich feature set. It is available for both on-premise deployments and as an online sales management system, thus making it suitable for businesses and organizations of any size and technical environment.

Sugar CRM: SugarCRM is a powerful and multifunctional open source CRM platform with robust sales management features as part of a large standard CRM offering. Agile scalability capabilities makes it ideal for rapidly growing and large businesses alike. It boasts a decent feature set for the management of multi-team end-to-end sales activities, complete with reporting, dashboards, mobile support and workflow management. SugarCRM was designed with flexibility in mind to allow it to cater to as many scenarios as possible, with some tweaks. Thanks to a vibrant open source community, various add ons and integrations allow it to be easily tailored to the needs of any organization, though coding experience is required for that. It is also available for on-premise deployment as well as an online sales CRM deployment.

Sugar CRM

Nimble: Nimble is an online sales management platform that places emphasis on browser widgets and mobile friendliness. It is ideal for small and medium sized businesses who rely heavily on social media for lead generation, as most startups do. One of its powerful social media tools is that it creates comprehensive customer profiles from a wide range of internal and external channels such as emails, chat histories and social media profiles. It features contact management and sales pipeline management, task management, workflow management and notifications. Its social media integration capabilities allow businesses to offer proactive personalized customer interactions, such as birthday and anniversary notifications and incorporate those into a targeted sales offering. Nimble is available only as an online paid subscription service.




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