How to Pick the Best Cloud Based CRM Solution

How to Pick the Best Cloud Based CRM Solution

If you want to manage your customer relationships to the best of your abilities, you will need the right tool for the job. A customer relationship management system is the perfect platform to make the most of your relationships and organize your processes.

However, there are many options available on the market and they come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the best cloud based CRM is not an easy task and you must consider many important things. This is why we’ve decided to help you with this major decision and give you several valuable tips which can help you.

Consider scalability

One of the most important aspects a lot of companies overlook when getting a CRM is scalability. They only focus on their current needs and forget about the future. You need to know whether or not the CRM solution you choose will be able to grow alongside your business.

The system you choose needs to have both vertical and horizontal scalability so that you can always expand it as your business needs to. Getting a new solution every time your business changes is simply a waste of time and money.

Software as a service

These types of cloud based CRM solutions are suitable for companies which have a certain level of technological advancement and maturity. They bring various advantages such as quick deployment and fast implementation, good security with encryption, data protection, accounts, and passwords.

They also offer quickly upgrades and updates and performance that relies on the network. If you have a complicated infrastructure you should also talk to the provider to see how the process of implementation would go and whether or not this is suitable for your organization.

Local cloud based CRM

Local CRM solutions are more suitable for large companies that have specialized IT departments and robust infrastructure. In most cases, they are implemented to fit into the company culture perfectly. Still, there are various conditions that need to be met to implement them properly.

You need proper software and hardware as it takes bandwidth and hardware space to work properly. This type of cloud solutions are also installed by the company and if you don’t have the manpower you will need to consult the provider if they offer system integrators and consultants to host your solution externally.

Is it mobile?

Mobility is essential for all business solutions. If you want the best cloud based CRM system you need to look for one that can be accessed through various devices and used smoothly. Find a tool that is compatible with many different web-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Bear in mind that your sales teams will be using this software solution as well. This means that they will need to use it while on the go.


In the end, to choose the best cloud based CRM you will also have to vet the provider. Check their reputation and if you can talk to some of their customers to see if they are reliable.

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