Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software

Help desk software is a name given to customer relationship management systems that allow businesses to manage their support services more efficiently and deal with customers’ grievances and/or requests in the best possible way. This software collates support requests that are sent through email messages, relayed over the phone, or received via any other means of communication into a help desk solution, which enables your company’s support agents to provide quality assistance to customers.

New approach in support services

Your clients contact your company’s help desk when they have a problem or a question. Then your support agent addresses the issue so that those customers would be satisfied. While it is a common practice for most companies to give out toll free telephone numbers or email ID to their clients, help desk software automates most of their support service operations. Bpm’online provides CRM that was designed just for that purpose.

The best support desk tools operate as centralized portals for incoming inquiries that arrive from all communication channels. Some of such systems include solutions that help companies evaluate agents’ and clients’ performance.

5 most popular help desk systems

  1. Bpm’online provides software designed for large-scale service management throughout the entire service life circle. It is the best choice for companies that are looking for multi-channel communications. With the help of bpm’online service desk systems both customers and employees will have their cases effectively processed. The help desk software offered by this company has the following features:
  • This software is designed with the help of the best ITIL practices. It includes business processes for outbound calls, incoming incidence and service requests, a service catalogue, configuration management, processes for implementing changes and planning releases.
  • This tool has an agent’s desktop that provides access to all communication channels, customer information and a complete history of customer communication.
  • It also includes services catalogue management that reflects the infrastructure of your business. This service catalogue offers service agreements and lists of services that are provided.
  • Configuration management allows quick registration of items of any type and connects them to cases, changes and releases.


  1. Zendesk offers its system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. This company’s software puts all your customer information in one place making communication with customers personal, relevant, and efficient. This service desk software has the following features:
  • This tool provides a powerful interface that makes it easy for employees to track customer conversations. This customer help desk system is multichannel, multilingual, and multibrand.
  • This system offers an agent’s desk that has effective tools for information, automation, and collaboration. Support services that are provided with the help of this feature help employees get straight to relevant issues.
  • This software provides analytics tools in order to assess and enhance your customer service. The use of this feature allows agents to build customized reports and see how each service or trend affects your business.


  1. Kayako promises customer service that will help you work faster, do more, and win and keep customers. The company claims it helps businesses get better at customer service. The help desk software is a customer service platform that any business can use to communicate with its clients. The system has the following features:
  • The company offers its messenger, which is more than just a live chat software. Employees and customer can start a conversation on the company’s website or via other channels. Conversations can be made both in real time or continued where they were left off.
  • This platform provides a help center for those customers who don’t want to talk. This feature is available 24/7 allowing your clients to find answers to their questions. This service can be easily customized to suit your company’s needs and goals.
  • Social customer service helps turn your fans into clients. Social conversations are made easier through Twitter or Facebook. Many surveys show that customers that have their requests dealt with through social media will spend more time with the company.kayako
  1. presents its product that helps keep your customers. This company makes it possible for businesses to work from a single platform. Its help desk software is a power tool with the following advanced automation features:
  • This system includes a customer interface that provides a place for your customers to interact with your help desk. Your clients are able to communicate with your staff, view tickets status, and access your knowledge base.
  • This platform also has a place for staff to interact. Your employees have a powerful interface that helps organize and prioritize tickets, customize options and settings, respond to assigned tickets, produce reports and do many other things.
  • SysAid is the company’s special feature that provides assistance in mobile device management, scheduling, and live chat services.


  1. HappyFox is an online help desk system that is an alternative for those who want to switch from the so called “big names”. This product has the following features:
  • It is one of the simplest ticketing systems that has ever existed. It is a secure desk help software with 24/7 support.
  • It has voice and chat integration functions allowing you to speak to your clients right from your system. Tickets are created for every call and chat conversation.
  • This system offers a multilingual knowledge base allowing to cater to clients from all over the world.



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