How to Create a Winning Culture for Your Sales Development Representatives

How to Create a Winning Culture for Your Sales Development Representatives

Making a business profitable is not a rocket science but few business organizations realize that and we can’t simply blame them for that because of the narratives that are currently dominant in the industry. The backbone of any successful business operation is the sales department; treat them badly and your business is doomed forever. Push them hard and you will end up hurting your business. SDR should be treated as company assets rather than liabilities. Well trained and motivated Sales Development Representatives can really make or break your business prospect. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you need to look after the well being of your sales representatives otherwise, their lackluster performance is going to affect your organization. It has become imperative for all organizations, small or large, to create a winning culture in their organization where their Sales Development representatives don’t feel stifled. The idea is to create a culture or an environment where sales development reps can feel comfortable and at ease. When people feel comfortable, they tend to perform well. A winning culture and a favorable environment can motivate your sales development reps to work hard to meet the goals of the organizations and to learn more skills that will eventually help your business grow and thrive.

Creating the right culture

Before you set about reaching a goal you need to create a culture in which your sales development representative thrive. You can never think of success without thinking about creating a healthy culture within the organization. The one question that then comes to the mind is what do you mean by a winning culture?

The answer to this question lies on several factors. One of which is whether or not the all your executives are on the same page. Right from providing them training till the point of providing them feedback, you need to be cent percent sure about all your employees being treated, equally, fairly and are given the right amount of support system for them to feel comfortable and understand your sales team culture. They need to have common goals, share similar language and have ethics and customs that are in line with that of the firm.

Creating a platform where sales development representatives are properly motivated

The task of being a sales development representative is a tiring one and can get on the nerves pretty quickly. It can exhaust an individual to the point of no return. It has also been seen that most sales development representatives do not hang around for more than fifteen months in an organization. This pretty much reads that the pressure on them to perform is too big and even one failure sometimes can prove to be fatal in keeping them in the firm.

Therefore, it is necessary for firms to provide these employees with adequate motivation sessions where they are being time and again reminded of the great job they are doing. Similarly, these executives are needed to be given adequate compensation. Promoting a deserving employee goes a long way in creating a high dose of motivation in them.

Have Clear Targets and Reporting

It is important for firms and managers to not overcomplicate their targets or make it unattainable for the sales development executives. It has been noted that more than two third of the employees who leave do not leave because they dislike what they are doing but it is largely due to the targets that has been assigned to them. Managers need to understand that having a realistic view of things and treating each individual with care goes a long way in retaining them as well as reporting becomes easier.

If you keep pressuring your sales development reps to increase their productivity, they will break down and your entire sales department will fail to meet whatever the target that you have realistically set in your mind. Sales Developments Executives know who to report and what has to be done in case they are stuck. They feel more integrated to the system that way and communications channel improve subsequently. This also helps foster a healthy relationship and create a healthy competition amongst all representatives.

Don’t Cap Commissions

In sports individuals who perform the best often tend to get a man of the match award. This is not to say that the other members were not important or significant to the cause of the team. It just emphasizes the important of that individual in that win. Similarly, when an executive over performs than the company needs to provide them with higher commission than the rest of the team. This culture of not capping commissions will mean individuals will give more than a hundred percent as they will be well aware of what lies ahead of them. Capping a commission can also make a few representative lethargic as they’d be less motivated to do the same task knowing that no matter what they do, they will get the same share of the pie as the rest of the others

Give the manager a say about who should be in the team.

You cannot provide a captain with a team he knows nothing about or does not want. Similarly, when it comes to sales, the manager has to be kept in the loop to understand who does the manager wants in the team. Most organizations these days have a manager round to ensure that the manager’s first get to interview the clients before the firm decides on them. It gives them a fair idea of who they think can improve their working standards and culture and can learn from them at the same time.

Fire Quickly

It may not sound too good on the ears but it is a harsh truth that needs to be put into perspective when things may not look comfortable. One wrong employee can do more damage to years of hard work and team culture than you can ever think off. Once you have identified that a particular sales representative is that negative influence on you or on your team than you need to act immediately and fire the employee before the smoke engulfs the rest of representatives.

Always keep hiring

This may sound like an anti-thesis to the above point but it is important for firms to keep hiring regularly. It takes a lot of time to hire a good employee and finding a great sales development representative is an even harder task to execute. Knee jerk reactions almost fails every time hence hiring process should be open at all times for you to find the right targets. Besides, it goes without saying that a company will always have time and space for the right candidate.

Hold Everyone Accountable

Good managers often make it a point to have regular team meetings and discussions to discuss possibilities and problems. They tend to reach out to each representative and understand where they are in terms of progress being made and if they are any issues to be siphoned out. By this way, managers create a culture in which they keep the sales development representatives on their toes and make them more accountable. Similarly, executives know that regular meetings like these will give them an opportunity to best describe their problems and create a bonding between them and the higher management.

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