Cloud-Based CRM or In-house?

Cloud-Based CRM or In-house?

Ever since cloud-based solutions became a thing, a never-ending discussion started where some people say that on-premise solutions are better and others think that cloud software is the right way to go.

The same thing applies to CRM solutions. This is why we’ve decided to compare cloud-based CRM vs in-house CRM platforms to see what benefits and drawbacks they offer.

Cloud-based CRM


  • Can be accessed remotely from anywhere, just as long as the user has internet access.
  • No need to maintain your software, as all of it is done by your provider.
  • Software updates are free.
  • Doesn’t require a setup, you only have to pay your subscription and log into your software through a web browser.
  • Most cloud-based CRM providers give support and take care of your data.
  • Mobile optimized.


  • Because all of your data is hosted by your provider, you won’t have complete control and overview of your systems and data.
  • The system is updated when your provider decides to do it.
  • You won’t be able to deal with issues independently and you will have to rely on your provider to do it for you.

In-house CRM


  • They offer more integrations with the other on-site solutions that you use.
  • Sensitive business data can be secured better and controlled with an in-house solution.
  • There are no data size limitations and you won’t have to pay for more space.
  • Complete control and autonomy over your software.


  • Has maintenance and setup costs.
  • Updating software takes time and it might cost you as well.
  • You won’t have the flexibility of access.
  • Most in-house CRM solutions aren’t mobile-optimized and this requires more investments.

There is no universal answer to which one of these options is better. You need to understand your needs and choose a solution that simply fits in better with your organization.

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