What are the best sales management software choices?

What are the best sales management software choices?

There is a close connection between the number of sales and business success. The more sales than an organization generates, the more successful it is. Making sales may seem easy, but in reality it is one of the most difficult things. As a salesperson, you are required to bring value. For people, the cost does not matter as much as the value of the product or service that you are offering and, most importantly, the experience they have with your company.

If you think that things are hard for sales reps, imagine how difficult it must be for managers. They have to see whether salespeople are meeting their goals.  What is more, they are required to look into performance indicators. Why? Because they need to have a clear idea of how the business is performing. It is a good thing for them that they have sales management software. A system of this kind enables managers to achieve significant operational efficiency by way of sales reps and improve the overall success of a business.

There are many sales management softwares out there, but we’re going to list only the most advanced ones.

bpm’online sales by bpm’online company

An operating system that is worth adopting is bpm’online sales. This cutting-edge software program was developed by bpm’online company, a leading vendor in the field of technology. As the name obviously suggests, bpm’online sales addresses the needs of salespeople, automating the entire cycle of sales and simplifying lead generation. Features worth mentioning include:

  • Process-driven application – bpm’online sales empowers users to get hold of the information that they need in order to meet business requirements
  • Sales force automation – streamlining tasks of sales
  • Complete view of the customers – with bpm’online sales, sales managers can obtain a  360 degree view of the customers by gathering data from various places

bpm'online sales management software

Pipedrive by Pipedrive Inc.

Pipedrive is a sales management software that is frequently underestimated. To be more precise, people think that Pipedrive is useful only when it comes to sales pipelines. What you and others need to know is that the operating system is a leading one and for good reason too. Pipedrive was created and designed by salespeople and competent app developers so as to help organizations. The most prevailing characteristics of the application are:

  • Plan activities – with Pipedrive, you can plan actions and, implicitly, determine results
  • Track deals and conversations – the tracking feature can be used for just about anything
  • Deal management – manage deals and improve performance

Pipedrive sales management software

HubSpot Sales Pro by HubSpot

HubSpot Sales Pro is just another customer relationship management system. Or is it? HubSpot Sales Pro is an advanced program specifically designed for businesses of small scale. What makes this application stand out is the fact that users can incorporate custom properties into their profiles. Besides that it is not necessary to give the administrator a call, users can do many things, like:

  • Boost productivity – set follow-up emails and reminders
  • Be informed when prospects take action
  • Sales pipeline management- synchronize HubSpot Sales Pro with CRM

HubSpot Sales Pro

ProsperWorks CRM by ProsperWorks

ProsperWorks CRM is a web-based application that can be used with any Google product. As a matter of fact, this is the operating system’s main functionality. It can be integrated with applications, like Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, and so on and so forth. The features that make ProsperWorks such great software are:

  • Monitoring time between conversations – tracking digital conversations at large scale
  • Import data from Gmail account – as mentioned earlier, the suite can be Integrated with Google products
  • iOS and Android apps – ProsperWorks meets all users’ needs

ProsperWorks CRM

Which one will you pick?

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