Ways to Keep Your Customers Close with iComplete CRM

Ways to Keep Your Customers Close with iComplete CRM

iComplete CRMTechnology is changing rapidly, with new innovations in both software and hardware hitting us regularly. Of course this is a huge advantage in most cases, as we are presented with an increasing number of options for improving our online activity in both our personal and professional lives. On the flip side, it can be frustrating when a new form of technology renders the old one obsolete, just as we have got our heads around it.

For businesses, advances in technology have transformed the way they operate, communicate and expand. For example, 30 years ago there were no websites, social media, online databases or even email and SMS, and internet and mobile technology means that companies can reach whole swathes of people previously well out of their reach. They can also communicate a lot better with existing customers, tailor promotions much more easily and run adverts which are highly specific to certain customers.

New tricks, old tricks

The principle of attracting and retaining customers has not really changed, however, in spite of the new methodologies. Essentially, customers want to use businesses who support them, offer the right goods or services at the right price and are reliable and user friendly. If you can achieve this there is a good chance you will benefit from the best type of advertising – word of mouth.

So for businesses today there is a clever balancing act to negotiate, dealing with clients and customers on a personal, friendly and reliable level, while at the same time using available technology to manage these relationships better.

Customer Relationship Management (often known as CRM) is a way of measuring and modelling the ways in which you communicate with your customers, both existing and potential. These systems help you manage all aspects of your business, from marketing and sales to customer care and social media. Depending upon the size of your business, you can tailor the type of systems and software you use, so that you are getting best value from your CRM practices.

Support services

There are a wide range of companies offering hosted CRM services, such as those available at iComplete hosted CRM, which will offer you a range of packages designed to manage your CRM systems to best effect. For example, if you have a large sales force working in all areas of the country, your CRM systems will be able to integrate your entire database, help you manage appointment bookings and follow-up calls, and give you the overall picture of how your entire sales force is operating. The automated aspect means that no customer will ever be forgotten, and this is invaluable to your future success.

Social media is a huge way of getting your business name out there, running promotions and gaining customer feedback. Your CRM systems will also support your activity on these sites, streamlining and synergising your messages so you are getting a consistent and productive result from your social media networking.

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