Top CRM systems in Australia for stable growth of your company

Top CRM systems in Australia for stable growth of your company

In the 21st century we work within a global economy buzz that buys, sells and communicates in countless ways. Competitors of our companies are everywhere and the barriers of market entry are low, increasing competition between them and us. Commodification is happening with tremendous speed. Happy customers can bring another customer and so unhappy ones can take away ten potential ones. Companies rise and fall, they fight for their place under in the market. The battlefield for modern companies is social networks and the reward is a loyal customer.

Why might you need CRM?

In the context of your real estate business one could consider CRM system as a “future view” into your income flow as opposed to an “old-fashioned view” of revenue. CRM solution is a future view into trends and events that will be leading pointers of your income and profit metrics.

As trends change we get used to the idea that prospecting is not just a salesperson activity – it is a collection of manual and automated activities across multiple channels that result a product or service to be sold. You can use CRM software Australia to acquire leads from your website, mobile application, bring them in from webinars or conferences, and send the leads immediately to your salespeople. You can assign leads to response immediately in order to catch the customer while he is in a way of making a decision.

CRM is a great instrument that enables you to direct a salesperson to selling activities. You may use the CRM tools to identify new product or market opportunities. This is a wonderful way to improve the calling efficiency. Nowadays, successful companies have turned marketing into a strong and influential weapon to increase sales. This may be the beginning of a new, people-oriented trend, where a company knows what a customer will demand in next few weeks, months or years by only tracking their present needs.

Undoubtedly, there will be particular ideas about how you want to engage your customers. You will probably want to guarantee that you are delivering a consistent customer experience and improving relationship of your company with each customer personally.

CRM systems can be used to embed your best sales or customer service processes that will guide your people through every customer interaction. Patterns can be projected and used to guide your people through complex processes.

Very often customers state that a major reason for buying their CRM application is that they believe that with it they understanding customers’ needs better. Through marketing automation and CRM platform, it becomes possible to prospect in the long term, which would otherwise be too inefficient for your organization’s resources.

Your employee’s ability to juggle an ever-increasing number of tasks, opportunities, cases, communications, and information is in jeopardy without the right tools. CRM platform is key to helping them manage their complex job without losing sales.

  • CRM application can capture detailed information about your customers and their behaviors and enable targeted marketing, product development, and sales activities. It can help you to create the illusion of the personal activity with every interaction. Look at it this way:

Do you really think your dentist remembers your birthday, or do you think they have software that tells them that? Do you think it’s a coincidence that Google’s ads show you products or services that are related to your interest or do you think they have software that does that?

  • CRM can provide customers with the impression that you understand their needs and preferences – in a scalable way to allow you to remember these things for thousands of customers at any given time.

You need a CRM system to make your business more efficient and increase your revenue per employee. You need a CRM to create repeatable successful processes. You need a CRM because you are looking for competitive advantage in a multi-channel customer environment. You need to capture the interest of customers that are increasingly sophisticated and are ignoring the old methods that were used to market and sell to them. You need a CRM to look into your near future and be predictive of your revenue. You need a CRM to mitigate the risk and costs of staff turnover. You need a CRM to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement. You need a CRM for your business to survive.

How a good CRM system can help your business

Customer relationship management is one of the most important areas of business, and so managing customer information is paramount for maintaining good customer relationships. CRM software enables a company to streamline this information process by keeping the data in one place, in one piece of software.

Most companies have moved their customer data to a digital medium by now, but in what form is another matter entirely. You might be surprised to hear that many companies still manage customer relationship management through an excel document. Obviously, this presents serious security and access concerns.

Problems can arise if customer data is not kept both secure and easy to access, and this is where CRM systems excel. Keeping customer data assigned to one location allows both ease of access and prevents important information from either not being entered into the correct system or being lost entirely.

With cloud CRM data is accessible from any location and on a variety of devices. Sales people and other travelling staff are able to access customer information instantly, and even update it. Technologies such as tablets, smartphones and laptops can be used to access these systems remotely, allowing collaboration within the software from around the country.

Customer service teams within companies can use the software to analyze feedback from customers, and design better solutions to address feedback.

CRM Australia is a fantastic choice for businesses such as universities, magazine publishers and others, as it features specific modules designed for each of these businesses. Any business that sells a product and interacts with customers can benefit, however.

Businesses around the globe are now seeing the benefits of CRM software, and the effect it can have on how customer relationships are managed. By having customer details in one, easy to access place, the effects can be tremendously beneficial.

Best CRM systems in Australia

At the moment, several dozens of successful organizations operate quite successfully in Australia, providing various CRM platforms for real estate businesses. Managing client data, lead generation and client interaction and finally closing the deal by automating workflow is what the real estate CRM software does. These actions result in increased efficiency in the real estate start-up leading to faster closing of real estate deals.

Mentioned below are pointers to consider while choosing the right real estate CRM software.

Access to a single admin or many: First identify who will manage the database – a single person or a team.  In case more members would be moderating, select a real estate CRM software that allows access to a few administrators at a flat rate.

Modules available: While choosing the CRM for the real estate industry, check for modules required for the real-estate start-up and the modules that are available with the vendor. There are CRM solutions that support a real estate start-up right from lead generation to closing the deal. Choose until what stage you want the features to be: a nascent transaction coordinator stage where once the lead is converted into a deal, then solution is not put to use, or a 360 degree manager where CRM solution with all the extra features – start to end- gives the business an extra edge.

Availability of campaigns: Many CRM solutions offer workflows or campaigns that can be customized to the needs of the real estate start-up. If you are looking at creating your own campaigns you can give this a miss. However, if you are looking for this value-add, choose a real estate CRM software solution that offers this feature.

Mobile CRM: As most of the real estate business involves being on the site, real estate start-ups depend on laptops, tablets and smartphones to be in touch with employees while out of office. While evaluating CRM software for real estate start ups, choose software that offer mobile CRM capabilities.

Social Media Integration: It is in the benefit of real estate start-ups to choose CRM software that offer social media integration so that company gets the exposure it requires.

Easy interface with other apps: While choosing real estate CRM software, check for seamless integration with other real estate software that you are using – for instance SMS gateway. Additionally, ease of use is an important pointer to look for as this will can turn leads into deals.

Licensing options: Check the licensing cost while choosing the CRM solution for real estate industry.  Real estate start-ups can evaluate the options of a cloud model so that it is a yearly open. Another option is the on-premise software, where an upfront licensing cost has to be paid up front. Given that, users may have to pay for customization, upgrades and maintenance.

We identified only the most successful and trustworthy companies, the experience with which was more than satisfactory and led to a sharp jump in sales and growth of the company.


Bpm’online in Australia is a process-driven CRM system for marketing, sales and service automation. The solution allows companies to manage the customer lifecycle from lead to sales and to ongoing customer service.

The solution gives users the ability to view marketing, sales and service activities through a single CRM platform. Bpm’online provides three integrated products, which can be used separately or in a single CRM bundle.

The software can be deployed on-demand as a CRM solution, where data is hosted in-house on the company’s servers. In both cases, users can access bpm’online using a web browser or the mobile app. The system is both Windows and iOS-compatible.

  • Bpm’online Marketing is a multi channel marketing application that enables marketing specialists to create and support ongoing communication with clients.
  • Bpm’online Sales is a sales force automation (SFA) tool for managing the sales cycle from lead generation to managing repeat customers.
  • Bpm’online Service provides customer service tools to help with customer engagement. Bpm’online can be deployed on-demand as a cloud-based solution or on-site, where data is hosted in-house on the company’s servers. In both cases, users can access bpm’online using a web browser or the mobile app. The system is both Windows and iOS-compatible.


Bitrix24 is a freed, fully-functional CRM which can be used both in the cloud and installed on your server. It can also be customized and integrated with other tools, for example your e-commerce website. Bitrix24 has self-hosted editions that come with API and source code, while a REST API is available for the cloud version.
Bitrix24’s customer management software is a contact base, and the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored there. All new events (for example phone calls, messages, emails and meetings connected with a contact or company) are easily, or even automatically, logged and shown in the corresponding record.
Flexible settings of permission enable administrators to make up different employee roles with particular access rights. They also allow them to automatically assign leads, and determine how much data is visible or hidden from different users of the CRM.
New leads can be entered into the CRM system in various ways: they can be entered manually, imported from CSV file (spreadsheet to CRM) or created from external sources such as web forms or incoming e-mails. There can be custom fields can added, if needed.
The CRM provides full sales cycle management, capability to create custom sales stages unique to a company. Analytics tools, such as the sales funnel, that are built in the software, enable you to track and improve conversion rates for each sales stage, as well as give an immediate account of all transactions that are in progress and their respective stages, thus making it possible for you to make accurate sales projections for future.
The software also provides tools that perform segmentation of the target audience very precisely, analyze how effective your campaigns are, evaluate various lead sources and create custom reports.
Invoices and quotes can also be created immediately from Bitrix24, and a number of invoice customization options are available even in the CRM’s free edition.
Both local sales taxes and value added taxes are supported by Bitrix24 CRM. It also helps you to work with multiple currencies, and has different languages available: Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
Among other advantages of Bitrix24 are the free Mobile CRM, total email management, integrated workflow management, CRM Activity Stream, as well as tools for training your sales team.


(has partners in Australia, does not have an office)

Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.

Back in 2010, two of their co-founders, both seasoned sales managers, realized that the CRM landscape was populated by software designed to please the top brass while ignoring the needs of the people doing the actual selling.

Therefore, they collaborated with talented developers to create a relationship management application that puts the needs of salespeople first. Grounded in the philosophy of activity-based selling, the result is Pipedrive, a tool now used by over 50,000 companies around the world.

With Pipedrive, you will certainly get a solution for efficiently managing your company’s sales pipeline. The software enables you to distinguish hot leads and priority deals, and develop an individual approach for each of them without spending much time. Negotiating a deal and maintaining lead relationships is a very flexible process, and you can quickly customize it to promote your brand, or adjust the conditions you no longer agree with. Actually, Pipedrive makes it possible for you to switch on and off entire modules, and guarantees there will be no side effect on the quality of your service.

In addition, Pipedrive is a universally applicable system where you can tweak all of your workflows, no matter how complicated they may be. Pipedrive is available in 13 languages and works with a great number of currencies including leading and minor ones. It has an open API configuration that ensures it can blend seamlessly with every software landscape, and be applied in accordance with all business systems, including Dropbox, Zapier, MailChimp, RightSignature, Zoho CRM, and many others.


(has partners in Australia, does not have an office)

ProsperWorks is built with three basic principles in mind: that the software is simple, that it shows what is really important matters, and that it is actionable.

The founders have done that by seamlessly integrating with G Suite, eliminating painful data entry, and automating time-consuming tasks. The software helps sales managers and representatives to improve the way they manage their team and workflows so they can make better business decisions and accelerate sales.

  • G Suite is used for having one system for everything related to your business. ProsperWorks is the CRM for G Suite, so it seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Inbox and Gmail, so using your CRM is just as easy as the tools you already use every day.
  • You spend most of your day sending emails, scheduling meetings and creating follow-ups in email whether it be Gmail or Inbox. ProsperWorks fits right into your email so once you download the Gmail or Inbox Chrome Extension, you never have to leave your inbox.
  • Your CRM is a treasure-trove of crucial data for your business. It is easy to turn that data into insights with Custom Report Builder that connects directly to Google Sheets. You can export any dataset from ProsperWorks directly to Google Sheets and create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs collaboratively with your team.
  • As ProsperWorks is optimized for mobile usage, it is available on all devices, not only connected to Google’s products, but also Ring, Slack, MailChimp, Dropbox, etc. Firms with large software ecosystem can also implement Zapier integrations, or simply check the tool’s RESTful API for connecting it to virtually any system.


(provides possibilities and support, does not have an office in Australia)

Thanks to its multichannel support Zoho CRM allows you to interact with the customers in the way they prefer, both from the phone, in live chat, through email and social media. With Zoho users can track all the conversations in a single place and at the same time follow their own interaction rules and sales processes.

A supercharged sales team is of utmost importance if you want to run a successful business. Gamification creates healthy competition for fueling your team’s success. CRM analytics provides better segmentation and smarter allocation of resources. Zoho CRM offers everything necessary for keeping your team’s performance at the best.

With the growth of your sales team you need to make sure that your processes can scale, and that the right customers and leads are given proper attention. Zoho CRM’s Blueprint enables you to ensure that every employee in your team follows the right process, even at your absence. With Workflows and Macros you can automate your daily activities, while Zia, which is the new AI-powered sales assistant works directly for you.

Zoho CRM’s configurations and customization enable you to adapt your CRM to the particular way your team works. You have the capability to control in what way information passes through your pipeline with custom layouts, automations, modules, and fields. You can as well pick and choose the features you most necessary for you with third-party apps that are available through the Zoho Marketplace. This software is as flexible and dynamic as demanded for your business.

Comprehensive security features and permission settings that this software offers maintain your business online and help keep your data safe. From launching of a new product up to entering a new market, you can design all the processes that the job involves.

Implementing Zoho CRM you provide your team with tools to sell smarter. Zoho captures information on leads immediately from your website, schedules reminders for follow-up, and creates custom reports for forecasting trends. By automating routine tasks, you have the opportunity to spend time on what is more important: making connections, building relationships, closing deals, etc. As a result, you can increase your productivity without increasing your workforce.


(provides possibilities and support, does not have an office in Australia)

Apptivo integrated suite of apps is used by businesses of all sizes, ranging from just one user to thousands. It has expanded over the years, proving its goal that small businesses are the engine for economic growth.

The founders’ mission is to continue to provide highly customizable apps so that the businesses they support enjoy enhance collaboration and communication with their customers. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, Apptivo apps can be 100% integrated to form a seamless solution. Every process can be accessed from a single customizable dashboard.

  • Apptivo also provides the flexibility that is so necessary to today’s leading enterprises. Customers can select the exact apps that are necessary to provide optimal business solutions. This company consistently improves the system’s offerings, staying on course with continuously evolving technology. Its fully customizable apps are also extendable in order to offer an experience that is also upgrade friendly.
  • Apptivo offers the complete footprint of a high-end ERP/CRM platform together with highly competitive pricing, features 50+ integrated business apps covering CRM, Project Management, Supply Chain and Financials.
  • Apptivo will be a gret help to your team as it will assist you with analyzing your existing systems and data, configuring your account, migrating your data, and then providing basic training on the system. This includes two initial analysis sessions to gather requirements, various check-in points to verify the configuration along the way, leading into one formal training session to kick things off, and a follow up session to help guide users after their first week of usage.

This service will get your team started with a single solution (customer relationship management software, project management software, etc).

The Apptivo team will directly access your existing Salesforce account to migrate all configuration and data seamlessly for you. Once complete, your team will be provided basic training on the new system to help them get familiar. This service involves taking your existing processes and bringing them over, if you’d like any significant process changes, data manipulation, or integrations, an estimate can be provided on additional services.


(provides possibilities and support, does not have an office in Australia)

Base has built the first scientific sales platform empowering businesses to grow revenue in a way that is measurable, repeatable and scalable. Unlike legacy CRM systems Australia and sales force automation systems, Base offers an all-in-one solution that increases rep adoption rates and data capture across devices. With the ability to analyze big data trends in real-time, Base’s Apollo provides sales leaders with the actionable, quantifiable insights they need to accelerate performance. Base is the #1 rated CRM and sales mobile app in the iOS and Android stores, with more than a quarter of a million app downloads. Base and its team of Sales Scientists help more than 7,000 leading companies across the globe like Cisco, Cook Medical, Dow Chemical, Groupon and Blue Raven Solar take a more scientific approach to sales.

Base makes it possible to strike a balance between productivity and personalization.

Tools like custom notifications and email templates with merge tags give reps the power to work efficiently while still adding a personal touch. Managers can define sales pipelines and processes that work for all reps and effectively capture customer, activity and communication data that fuels more insightful sales reports.

Base provides a holistic view of each account and contact that’s well-organized and easily sorted and filtered to get you the information you need. Automated email and call logging means history is actually logged so you can know exactly what was said to and shared with each customer.


How to choose the best CRM system in Australia

As many years of research on the introduction of PCM in the company show, the best systems are those whose technical support is carried out locally. Thus, you avoid problems such as delay in solving technical problems which arise when processing a large amount of data or improper work with the program. Of course, we should not exclude the possibility of introducing a system of PCM into the company, if the supplier does not have an office in the country. We are talking only about the advantages of such companies.

Choosing the right CRM system can be a hard decision.

There are three basic roles of CRM systems Australia: Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative. It’s important to understand what these roles encompass and whether they apply to your business. CRM platforms usually contain a mixture of these elements, so knowing the elements which your business needs will help you make the right CRM choices.

  • Operational client relationship management is all about trying to automate the sales, marketing, and support aspects of client relationships using client data. Usually, this function includes entering all the data associated with a lead or prospect and then using this compiled data to help sales reps convert those leads into customers. Furthermore, having compiled and organized customer data, employee interaction logs, and client disposition information allows your business to provide customers with the best support possible.The operational CRM role helps you to make sure none of your leads or clients falls through the cracks.
  • The analytical CRM role aims to analyze and report data that looks for patterns that may cause problems for your business. For example, reports on sales weaknesses that you would not notice without in-depth data analysis. Analytical CRM can also include looking at marketing data to see where your customers are coming from and where your money is best spent.
  • Collaborative CRM function is most associated with businesses that rely on suppliers, vendors, and other outside entities to do business. A CRM with collaborative functionality will allow your business to share data easily with these outside groups so both companies can streamline their operations. It also collates data from all of a company’s customer interactions to see what information can be used in different areas of the sales or support processes.

A CRM with collaborative functions will emphasize data sharing between company sectors and with the businesses that form a part of the company’s operations.

So what does your business need? How to choose the right one?

These questions are answered differently by each company, but it should be remembered that, as if various suppliers of such platforms were not describing themselves, experience proves that those who have many years of experience working with large companies show themselves best.

Is there any possibility to get a good CRM free?

Many executives of the companies make a classic mistake – in pursuit of saving money, they conclude deals with suppliers of systems that do not require a penny for their program. At first glance, this profitable acquisition, as the company does not lose anything but only obtains a useful tool. In addition, everything would be fine, but after a short time, when the company begins to develop, the requirements for the system begin to grow.

Appear new products, services, the need for a data processing system, but since the company does not have the ability to develop symphonically with the company, its efficiency falls sharply. In a very short time, the company’s management realizes that the company does not meet their requirements and has to re-enter all the data on customers and products into a new system or completely refuse to process customer data. Such cases are not common.

Unfortunately, there are often such companies that decide not to buy ready-made CRM platforms, but to create it from scratch and maximally adjust to the activities of their company. This approach is not devoid of logic, but it has a huge minus – writing a program from scratch will cost the company many times more than if you had to add the program to the needs of the company.

We live in a century of economics, when everything is based on sales. Each company seeks to reduce costs and increase income. A free CRM system would be an excellent solution for both small and large businesses, wouldn’t it?

Let us be honest with ourselves. Even Facebook is not free. Undoubtedly, we use this social network, communicate, read news and watch funny videos, but we forget that to some extent we are a valuable audience for various companies that seek to attract our attention and in consequence to sell us their goods.

Advertisers, marketers, sellers pay millions a year to various Internet resources in return for showing their products in our newsline, at the beginning or end of videos with funny little animals. Undoubtedly, we do not say that all types of business promotion are paid. For example, a customer who has been satisfied with the quality of service can advise his acquaintances and respond positively to the company, but one does not have to rely on the sharp stick in sales on the base of the “customer will come by himself” principle.

However, not everything is as easy as it might seem. In modern conditions of competition only those companies that survive quickly, aggressively, methodically and unobtrusively survive. To stay afloat companies, often, you have to spend more money on customer retention than on company expansion.

CRM solution is an indispensable tool for retaining clients, which means stable profits of the company. Such a tool as CRM cannot be free. Ideally, the money spent on the purchase of a good platform pays off in a short time, but the company’s development schedules, which begin to grow before our eyes, are a much more valuable achievement.

To sum up

As mentioned earlier, when choosing a CRM solution, you need to analyze all the company’s needs, development plans, the main goals that will be easily achieved thanks to CRM system. CRM refers to practices, strategies, and applications that businesses can use to make it easier to manage relationships with both current and potential customers. Basically, CRM is a catch all term that refers to any system that allows the type of tracking and analysis that allows both small and large businesses to control the relationships they have with their customers.

  • It’s easy to imagine why a larger company would benefit from such a solution. Businesses of all sizes should be using a CRM solution to help them to grow and maintain their customer relationships. While you can try to keep track of your relationships manually, such an effort would ultimately consume valuable time and resources that could be spent on other aspects of your business. Furthermore, tracking emails, phone correspondence, or purchases without a CRM frequently leads to inconsistencies and user errors.
  • A CRM allows your business to manage your sales life cycle so you know who to follow up with, what to sell, and when to sell it. With a CRM system Australia you will be able to build a database of your prospects using website forms allowing you to convert that data into sales. As you track your relationships, you’ll gain insight that will help you to understand your customer’s needs so you can continue to build and improve relationships with your customers.
  • CRM’s also assist in a business’s marketing efforts by showing you the most profitable groups of customers so you can better target your campaigns and optimise your marketing resources. This allows you to save time and ensure that you’re focusing on the customers that will result in the most sales.

With such a variety, it is not easy to make the right decision, especially when it comes to reorganizing the entire sales management system in your company. We presented only the main advantages of each of them, but it should be emphasized that: Bpm’online software is recommended while it is confidently leading and gaining momentum among all existing CRM systems on the market, this system has entered the leading companies according to Gartner Magic Quadrant and The Forrester Wave.



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