Top 5 CRM Systems in Singapore to help your business prosper

Top 5 CRM Systems in Singapore to help your business prosper

Looking for a Customers Relationship Management solution in Singapore? You are at the right place! Here we provide top 5 platforms to improve your business if it is located in Singapore. As the CRM is a system that gives an opportunity to acquire new customers, improve relationships with old customers and increase sales, it is very important to choose the right software for your particular business.

There has been a research conducted on CRM system in Singapore with the purpose of finding the highest ranking tools. The CRM apps have been selected according to their functionality, support, customers’ reviews, and other criteria.  

How did we find the best CRM system in Singapore for business? We interviewed small business owners asking them what CRM software they use and what they like or dislike about them. The research team also studied relationship management applications appearing on online sources. To finalize our research we tested the best CRM software ourselves by signing up for accounts, checking demos of the systems, downloading mobile apps, and so on.

As a result, we identified over 20 CRM software products. Out of them the top 5 picks are as follows:

bpm’online CRM (has an office in Singapore)

bpmonline CRM Singapore

bpm’online CRM interface

Bpm’online CRM is a global provider of process-driven customer relationship management system, which is designed for marketing, sales and service. The main functionality of bpm’online products is providing the users with opportunity of conducting processes faster than ever and aligning marketing, sales and service on a single platform. The software has an engaging interface with a social look which does not contain unnecessary information, thus the users are able to stay focused on things that are really relevant.

bpm’online website

Bpm’online can be organized either on-demand as a cloud-based solution or on-site. In the latter case data is hosted in-house on the company’s servers. Anyway, in both cases, users can access bpm’online through a web browser or the mobile application. The CRM apps are compatible both with Windows and iOS.

Deskera (has an office in Singapore)

deskera ERP in Singapore

Deskera ERP interface

Deskera is a cloud-based CRM solution that mainly targets small and medium businesses (SMBs) and is easy to implement. The instrument is also customizable, and scalable enough to be able to grow with the business.

The CRM software is available in three primary editions that make it possible for the users to start with a simple set of CRM tools and expand functionality with the growth of their business. 

Deskera website

Deskera CRM has been designed for small and mid-sized organizations, or departments of larger organizations, who want a simple, easy to use online CRM sales, support and marketing system. The hosted CRM model is particularly suitable for companies with multiple offices and people who work remotely or at home.

The CRM system provides everything a company’s sales team needs for managing their customers and sales. It has a very fast search and data entry that works flawlessly on desktops and mobile devices.

SAP (has an office in Singapore)   

SAP CRM Singapore

SAP CRM interface

SAP is a customer relationship management tool that is designed to help businesses in managing and analyzing customer interactions and data. The SAP CRM system is planned in a way to be a complete setup for the process of sales that can help businesses in making more revenue.

SAP website

SAP is a means to make smarter sales, to generate more leads, as well as to close more deals. This CRM system enables businesses to plan and conduct a consistent sales process to gain more revenue.

NetSuite ERP (has an office in Singapore)

NetSuite ERP Singapore

NetSuite ERP interface

NetSuite ERP is a complete, scalable cloud ERP solution that is targeted at high-growing, mid-sized businesses as well as large enterprise. NetSuite ERP’s CRM software in Singapore automates front- and back-office processes among which are financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, billing, inventory management, etc. The CRM software enables the whole organization (both the top management and the main clerical staff) a customizable view of the core performance indicators and reports for their role.

NetSuite ERP website

Going beyond many traditional products, NetSuite ERP gives a company proven capabilities of automating and streamlining business processes and operations. It enables them to ensure clear, real-time visibility to be able to move toward expansion and growth.

Act! (has partners in Singapore)

Act! CRM Singapore

Act! CRM interface

Act! is a powerful sales and marketing tool that considered to be among the most affordable CRMs. The CRM system in Singapore includes management of leads, an opportunity pipeline with intuitive dashboards and management of campaign. It also provides the users with flexible workflow tools including marketing automation. All the tools are completely accessible from Android or iOS devices.

Act! Website

Act!’s apps also provide integrated email marketing for launching targeted campaigns to the users’ contact lists. The CRM software also enables companies to track exactly who reads and clicks on the messages sent. Act! has an extensible platform allowing users to create and customize their own custom applications and manage client management software free.

The evaluation of the software was based on the following criteria:

  • Cost of the software
  • User-friendliness
  • Features of contact-management
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Capabilities of tracking employees
  • Customer service
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Mobile access
  • Limitations of the service

Bpm’online, the leading CRM system in Singapore among the top 5 systems, is described as an end-to-end business management provider for businesses working in the field of sales, marketing and services.  It is intelligent process-driven CRM software that connects marketing, sales and service and manages a complete customer journey, starting from leads up to the orders and ongoing account maintenance.

Bpm’online is in fact the alignment of all relevant management services, and that is what makes it the ideal product for every medium or large business.

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