Give clients a buzz: Top-5 CRM solutions

Give clients a buzz: Top-5 CRM solutions

 With so many tasks and customers around, companies need a versatile solution for automating communication and solving arising issues. Online CRM solutions listed below will help your organization to establish simple and efficient interaction with customers and streamline business processes.


Bpm’online CRM solution

Being a widely recognized process-driven solution bpm’online offers a platform that aligns sales, marketing and service. Using this cloud-based software, enterprises can:

  • create personalized emails and forms for marketing and customer service purposes;
  • automate repetitive and routine tasks including issue processing;
  • track complete sales lifecycle starting from lead generation and following by customer service;
  • view customer history, gather contacts and personal data via applications, social media and other integrated platforms;
  • make process-driven decisions using real-time data analysis, charts and diagrams.

This CRM system allows you to track the execution of tasks and collaborate with the team and customers. Now your employees can solve issues collectively avoiding confusion and extra effort. The tool may be used as both desktop and mobile application: it is compatible with the wide range of devices and basic platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.). A pretty comprehensive interface turns the use of bpm’online program into a pure pleasure.


SugarCRM solution

Searching for a solution with wide functionality without extra components? SugarCRM software proves that the ingenious is always simple. With this CRM software, you get a maximally simple user interface, a bunch of customization options and perfect customer experience. SugarCRM is all about customers, and here is why:

  1. While the majority of daily interactions with clients takes place outside CRM application, this software allows communicating and performing sales inside the integrated platform.
  2. The history of interactions and operations is archived and can be tracked and analyzed to provide clients with the service they need. Using it, entrepreneurs can satisfy customers’ expectations and maintain agility in ever-changing environment. Managing client journeys, you will boost business growth and increase retention.
  3. SugarCRM gives you better understanding of user engagement and success so that you can guide the clients to achieve their goals.
  4. The software meets industry specific demands for excellent service, transparency and altering service patterns.

Having pretty transparent pricing policy, this instrument is available in three versions with different functionality and can be freely accessed with the help of stationary and portable devices.


AmoCRM solution

Don’t know how to keep tabs on numerous data torrents coming from various email boxes, applications and websites? Being one of the most widespread CRM solutions online, AmoCRM will do that for you. The key benefit of this solution is integration with a wide range of social media platforms and other applications. No matter how many leads you have generated, you won’t miss any of them. Empowered with multi-channel communication, AmoCRM platform allows contacting clients in one click – no need to launch other apps or search for contacts. Customer data will be gathered from different sources and synchronized automatically.

You don’t have to be afraid of missing notifications: they are sent on users’ phones and displayed in the system. This CRM software also tracks and logs calls and messages, so no information is lost, and you may define department’s calling habits. If you need more freedom to customize the solution, there are many different extensions and open-source API for developers.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM solution

One of the most well-known and best CRM solutions, Zoho CRM offers the whole range of features and options for successful relationships with customers. The platform can be applied to the following business spheres:

  1. Marketing and sales. With various apps you can perform more sales in less time. Attract customers with personalized leads, conduct surveys, manage contacts and organize campaigns – Zoho CRM is one-for-all solution.
  2. Optimize workflow with collaboration platform: your team will be able to use comments and different communication channels to align efforts and solve issues together. Execution of tasks and progress are displayed in real time to avoid confusion and chaos.
  3. Creator of business processes and reports makes up for perfect customization.
  4. Cloud-based financial services help to create invoices, check expenses and control subscriptions.

LeadMaster CRM

LeadMaster CRM solution

One of the simplest yet useful cloud-based CRM solutions is LeadMaster. It offloads employees to let them concentrate on what really matters – generating sales. The LeadMaster CRM Platform provides you with full control over the pipeline and boosts conversions more than ever before.

Firstly, it automates sales and executes repeating and routine tasks. Secondly, it suggests how to move leads through the sales funnel correctly. Thirdly, it collects client contacts and useful data that is always readily available so that you could analyze it to ensure outstanding customer experience. Fourthly, it features instruments to generate high-quality reports for you to evaluate the performance and make process-driven decisions. Automating lead nurturing processes attract more potential customers and boost sales.

CRM products are a must for organizations that need to keep an eye on clients’ demands and preferences. Delivering top-notch customer service and meeting their requirements, you gain trust and loyalty that are so crucial for business development. With CRM software, you know your customers as your friends and never fail to meet their expectations.

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