Top 4 Features Business Process Management System Must Have

Top 4 Features Business Process Management System Must Have

As the number of business activities becomes larger and the activities themselves become more and more complex, the old business process management methods become obsolete. This is why many business organizations decide to make a switch to one of the new business process management systems.

Beside the software vendor’s credibility, ease of use and good price, you should also pay attention to the following key features before you invest in one.


Operating business process management system without automation can quickly become a daunting task, not much different than doing it on paper or excel sheet. But what should you look for?

First of all, you should look at the documentation and check if the system supports automation at all, and to what extent this automation goes. When you check which of the internal processes can be automated, you should give the software a test drive to check how the automation affects your workflow.

If you want to read about business process management system automation and efficient management, just click the link.

Tools for Process Management

Not all business process management systems are the same when it comes to the set of available tools for process management. Here are the ones that are an absolute must:

  • Process modeling – this feature will enable you to model the templated process or create one of your own from scratch. With this feature it becomes easy to align the system so that it serves the specific needs and goals of your organization.
  • Process execution – this feature is also an important one because it will enable you to take full control of the process execution, and start, stop, or pause it whenever you discover an error or simple oversight.
  • Process monitoring – reports are useful, but they are only generated when the process is finished. With process monitoring, you will be able to have a real-time insight on all processes in your organization. Modern BPM systems provide access to monitoring right from the starting dashboard.
  • Process analysis – analytics are a vital part of successful process management. With a back-end analytics engine, you will be able to dissect your processes and examine each one of them. This feature will allow you to find room for improvements and discover bottlenecks in your operation.

Deep CustomizationDeep Customization

Since every organization has a unique approach to industry procedures, there is no solution on the market that can meet the specific demands of each company. This is why you should look for customizable BPM systems, ones that can offer you the freedom to adjust the system to your organization’s needs.

Some of the BPM system vendors have even included setup wizards to enable the managers and users to set up the system how they prefer. With deep customization, you will be able to embed your business logic into the system, configure dashboards so that they display only vital information and track every change as it takes place in real-time.

Mobile Ready

This is the last thing on the menu – the mobile app. BPM systems are great solutions, but they have even greater functionality when they come as dedicated mobile applications. With a BPM system on your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to do everything you want on the go. Furthermore, you will be able to customize the application, so that it completely resembles the dashboard you are using on your desktop or laptop.

In any case, when you find a solution that comes with all of the above-mentioned features, make sure to run a free trial. Nothing beats hands on experience. After all, you are going to use it to manage business processes, so tread carefully.

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