Educational Techniques that Upgrade Sales Collaboration

Educational Techniques that Upgrade Sales Collaboration

Discover how educating your sales team can make your business more profitable and productive

As Benjamin Franklin said – “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” This statement becomes exceptionally true when it comes to the way your sales team performs. When you picture the best sales representative, you are probably imagining a person who possesses a number of qualities like persuasiveness, intelligence, passion, persistence or conscientiousness. We can simply refer “conscientiousness” as an ability to work hard until you reach the set goal. The best performing sales representatives have the ability to exceed customer’s expectation and provide answers before the customers even ask the question. The abovementioned qualities are basically the key pillars of the sales reps’ success and most of them come naturally. At the same time, it is important to remember that talent and natural skill is only 10% of success, the rest is developed through hard work and education. That’s why the need to share knowledge and valuable experience has never been more necessary. This makes the idea of getting new sales reps to perform as productively as their more experienced colleagues has become one of the major concerns for the sales management.

How to make new sales reps sell like a pro?

The notion of how the education is really important has been stressed many times. Still, countless number of people do not receive enough knowledge and preparation for the job of their choice. Salespeople in particular, get valuable experience on the job. The majority of the new sales reps pave their career path with trial and error. However, there are a few essential sales collaboration tips that any sales representative can benefit from.

Use knowledge base to educate new members of your sales team

Every sales manager is an important cog in the complex mechanism of the sales process. Therefore, it is critically important to provide new sales representative with an extensive knowledge database that will get the newcomers up to date as quickly as possible. With knowledge base these new recruits will have the ability to access vast volumes of handy information and use it to their advantage. For example, the knowledge base contains essential articles on the most effective sales process techniques and recommendations on the most effective sales strategies. Not to mention, an impressive collection of useful presentations, FAQs, document templates and other educational materials. The ability to educate and prepare new sales management will save your business a lot of time and let your sales reps focus on the leads without any distractions. Powerful CRM solutions like bpm’online are equipped with extensive set of collaboration tools to upgrade your sales force.

Keep your trainings condensed and consistent

Your sales team can benefit from group trainings, where you can discuss and explore the most relevant and problematic cases. These trainings are essential as the best scoring salespeople can reveal their most efficient sales strategies and share the methods that were not equally productive. Learning from one’s mistakes hold the same value as the newfound knowledge. However, it is critical to keep your training session short. Recent studies suggest that trainings that last more than two days are essentially a waste of effort as almost 50% of content presented on the event is forgotten in a span of five weeks. What’s more, 84% of provided content is erased within ninety days. One-time sales training is obviously not enough, therefore educational events should be arranged once a week.

Use CRM to prepare for the sales process

The success of your company heavily relies on the competency of your employees. Obviously, they should know their product inside out. At the same time that should not be the limit of their knowledge. Your sales reps should carefully research their target audience as the preparation plays a great role in the sales process. Long gone are the days when your salespeople had to find valuable customer information by themselves. No longer do they have to backtrack vast volumes of documents to inspect all previous interactions with their contacts. These days CRM solutions do all the heavy lifting. For example, the best CRM solutions like bpm’online can create a 360 degree profile on each of your contacts. Moreover, built in integration features allow the system to collect the most important user information from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. That way, both new recruits and experienced sales professionals, will be able to use CRM system as a tool that automates your business process and gathers customer data from all available channels. You can learn more about the benefits of sales collaboration software here –

Keep track of all sales process activities

Tracking the performance of your sales representatives is a difficult task that requires time and precision regardless of the size of your team. Fortunately, you can use bpm’online analytical capabilities to receive a detailed evaluation of each individual sales professional and team’s overall performance alike. For instance, such accurate analytics applies various indicators to scan through all of your sales managers’ activities to provide an insightful report on their progress. The businesses will definitely find value in these reports, as they will be able to monitor the progress of any project in the company. For example, you will be able to set up and customize any dashboards to easily evaluate the performance of the sales professionals based on the amount of successful calls, emails or meetings the manager had and compare the success of these activities with previous periods. Such precise insight gives businesses the opportunity to detect the most productive sales professionals and uncover the weaknesses that should be eliminated.

As the saying goes – teamwork makes the dream work. That is why educating, motivating your team to collaborate is incredibly useful for any organization. Establishing a system that makes communication between your employees equally effortless and time-effective can give them a clear vision of the business goals you establish. With sales collaboration tools, the new members of your sales team can get feedback from more experienced colleagues and use extensive knowledge base to  get up to date as fast as possible. Eventually, your business will be able to prepare and transform individual sales managers into an actual sales team united by the single goal – to close more deals.

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