What is Orange Cash card and how can you manage its online account?

What is Orange Cash card and how can you manage its online account?

Orange is the largest telecom company in the UK. For the ease of the customers, they have introduced a facility of “Orange cash card”.Orange cash card is similar to the debit card and you can do loads of shopping online with the help of this card. You need to load the card and can use it in a similar way like you use the card. Now, let’s have a look that how you can operate this Orange cash card online and how you can manage the account on the move.

How can you set up the Orange cash account online?

Setting up your orange cash account online is very simple and it is not a time-consuming process. At first,you need to log on to www.orange .co.uk then you need to give an answer to few security questions and here you go with your Orange cash online account. After this, you can check your balance online, can load money and can update your account at anytime you want.

Can I manage my online account via mobile phone?

Yes, you can effectively manage your orange cash account via mobile phone. As soon as you’ll download the Orange cash app on your phones simply follow the registration steps and manage your account on the move. What else can you ask for? You can do the following task via your mobile phones:

  • You can check the latest transactions and current amount on your Orange cash card.
  • In the case of no money in your orange cash card, you can immediately load your card from your debit card, voucher or credit card.
  • You will receive notifications when the balance will reach below level.
  • Receive an SMS alert when you load money to your account.
  • You can confirm your reward points and can recover your all PAYG account minutes, credit and texts.

You can also set up your online account via the PC. You can check balance in your account online and can keep an eye on the latest transactions made from your account.

How to login to Orange Cash app?

It’s a very easy and simple process. Simply type your

  • User name
  • Your password
  • Mention date which you can easily remember

By pressing the home button of your mobile you’d be logged out

Can I transfer funds to other Orange cash card?

Yes, it’s possible and you can transfer money to your friends, family and other known people who also possess an orange cash card. In order to transfer money you all need to set up your online account. Select an option of “Make a payment to another card” and this how you’ll transfer the money into any other orange cash account holder. After this whenever you wish to transfer money you simply need to choose the appropriate identifier, the amount of balance you wish to transfer and click the confirmation button.

Can I cancel the Orange cash card?

Orange will refund the money if you wish to cancel the card before its being activated or within 14 days of activation or during the cancellation period. There are no charges on the cancellation of your card. Orange cash will refund the application charges and the amount available on the card. If you will cancel your card after the cancellation period then you’d be charged a redemption fee of £5. For further queries you can dial Orange contact no.

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