Customer Database Software

Customer Database Software

Customer database software is a comprehensive online platform used for tracking clients and managing customer relations. Here is the review of top 10 developers and the options they provide for corporate users.

Customers are one of the major focuses for all types of businesses – from small retailer startups to huge financial holdings. The ability to keep and successfully process data about all the existing and potential clients can make your business much more customer-oriented and efficient.

However, sometimes it is too cumbersome to track information about each of your customers, especially if the business is a rather established one. That is why some enterprises keep just the basic data, such as contacts and history of previous interactions with a particular client. In many cases, such information is kept in some irregular paper files and can easily be lost or mixed up.

However, contemporary IT technologies make it possible to store all client data in a single well-organized virtual space to which a quick access can be obtained at any time. With the help of cutting-edge customer database software in just a couple of minutes you will be able to retrieve such information as birthdays, personal preferences, customer feedback, total value of deals closed with a particular client, possible negative aspects of business relation with a customer, etc.

Contemporary customers database software differs in the array of available options, user-friendliness, interface, and many other parameters. We have prepared the list of top 5 developers whose software is already actively used in thousands of companies across the globe.

Here are the candidates:

  • Bpm’online;
  • Zoho;
  • Less Annoying CRM;
  • PhaseWare Tracker;
  • Hatchbuck.

Now let us study the above-mentioned vendors in more details.

Being one of the biggest developers of automated web solutions for corporate users, Bpm’online offers numerous CRM options, such as tracking Facebook and Twitter activity, audience segmentation, detailed analytics and statistics and many more. A particular focus is made on identifying and attracting potential customers by means of processing incoming requests and importing data from various websites. In other words, the system allows you to have all necessary information about the existing customers and those who could potentially join your target audience in the future, so that your company could offer its products or services in the best possible way.

Other customer data management tools include vast opportunities for e-mail marketing and time management. With the help of Bpm’online software you will always know what your customers need and how best to cater to their needs.

The company provides online customer database software together with cloud and mobile versions. The latter is especially convenient for small startups, which are not willing to spend considerable amount of money on a traditional on-premises version and for managers whose job involves frequent business trips and working from different places.

Bpm’online boasts exceptionally high satisfaction rates. Among the companies that introduced this platform, over 94% recommend the software to their colleagues.


Zoho is another CRM vendor whose main goal is to boost sales and increase profits of its customers. The company’s customer profile software gives a detailed account of all customers, including expected project closing date, probability of success, status of e-mail exchange and phone calls, etc.

The software has an intuitive table interface, which facilitates the comprehension of all the relevant information. Zoho’s CRM tools help to close more deals in less time and make the sales process fast, clear, and more efficient.

Less Annoying CRM

Lessannoying Customer Database Software

Such a creative brand name was chosen by a reliable developer of CRM solutions that cater to the needs of small businesses. The platform features cloud-based deployment, a vast array of configuration options and a smart dashboard where the necessary customer data can be reviewed.

Less Annoying CRM platform secures sales force automation by enabling task management and lead tracking. The system is perfectly efficient and multi-purpose, being at the same time user-friendly and intuitive. It can be easily mastered even by non-technical employees that have never used corporate CRM before.

PhaseWare Tracker

PhaseWave Customer Database Software

PhaseWare Tracker is a smart customer support and help desk solution. The platform enables for viewing customers’ feedback, handling complains and tracking the deal status and has a well-thought system of notifications.

The main feature of the developer’s product is its high level of customization, which means that PhaseWare Tracker can be employed by companies of all types. The platform is available as an on-premises version but is also frequently installed as cloud customer database software.


Hatchbuck Customer Database Software

Hatchbuck is oriented on small and middle-sized businesses. This efficient CRM solution features an impressive number of tools that can be used while handling customer relations. These include communication tracking, various tags, e-mail campaigns and data importing from Facebook, LinkedIn, Outlook and Excel.

Hatchbuck software also features a library with 450 e-mail templates and is based on the “drag-and-drop” principle. A special focus is made on identifying prospective clients and establishing business relations with them.

Hence, there are several reliable web designers that offer customer database software, with Bpm’online being the most reliable and flexible one. Give it a try – and you will see how efficient and intuitive customer data management can be.

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