The common pitfalls of cloud computing one needs to avoid

The common pitfalls of cloud computing one needs to avoid

When cloud computing is called a hype, it is an utter truth and also it is a fact that it has made the functionality of any company more easier than ever. But one thing which often escapes one’s notice is the fact that every coin has dual sides and it is no exception when it comes to cloud computing as well. As per proclaimed systems engineer Justin Tchabo, there are just some common pitfalls of cloud computing which one should always avoid and once that is done, one has no reason t worry anymore.

These pitfalls are as follows:

  • If not thought out properly, a company may face the problem of data breach while opting for cloud computing. Therefore it is vital that any company needs to have a lookout in this aspect so as to avoid any risk of data breach in their cloud storage or system. It is important that the data is stored only after giving a serious thought on the matter. Therefore not every data is to be stored in a cloud system. And one needs to segregate this critical data aside.
  • As much as cloud computing is convenient, it may also cause harm when it falls in the hands of the wrong people. Therefore a company needs to monitor one’s cloud services intricately so as to avoid any interventions from an ex employee who may still have the access. Therefore access should only be granted to the key people of a project. And even if a key employee leaves the company in between the project, it is always wise to block that person’s access.
  • Though cloud computing is a fool proof system, still it always pays when one opts for a plan B as well. Therefore it is important that a company always stores the most important of data in more than one cloud system. This makes sure that even if one of the cloud system malfunctions( chances of which are remote), still the company won’t have to incur the loss of any important data. So every company needs to have a plan A and plan B, both being different cloud systems and servers.
  • According to Justin Tchabo, the world rarely lacks individuals with criminal intent and it app when it comes to cloud computing as well. So a company needs to be very sure that all of their data is encrypted properly in order to defend any hacking attack. And therefore proper monitoring f the same is necessary. The encryption should be strong and complex enough so as to be an unbreakable one. Also a company needs to enforce initiative so as to stop any malware attacks.

So, it being true that cloud computing is a boon for any businesses out there, these are the pitfalls which should always be avoided. And once these are taken care of, one need not fret about one’s company’s work flow anymore. Also after these rare problems are subjected to, cloud computing can function just as well as it is hyped.

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