Business process designer

Business process designer

"Business process designer is one of the automated solutions that major BPM platforms provide. This tool helps to create and manage all business processes within a company. The main advantages of BPM designer are flexibility, multi-functionality and great efficiency."

Business process management is one of the newest and yet valuable management concepts. Its main idea is to increase the efficiency of your business by means of introducing holistic BPM software that helps to automate all business processes within the company – from daily routines, such as sending emails and drafting documents to strategic business planning.

This is possible thanks to a special business process designer so first let us find out what place it takes in the whole BPM plarform.

BPM software solutions

So how exactly does business process software work? It contains a great number of various web tools, both preset ones and those that can be added by users in order to solve some particular business task that  arise all the time. All the tools are designed for different purposes and can be nominally divided into 4 major blocks:

  • Content management. Business process management software helps to import, store, use and delete various business data, including documents, images, tables, graphs, etc.
  • Analytics. This block is responsible for obtaining statistical data for all aspects of your business – sales, profits, customers, partners, employees and others. Statistics is very important for identifying your business’ bottlenecks and finding better solutions for your customers. This is why BPM products are also strategically useful when it comes to customer relation management (try Bpm’online CRM).
  • Internal collaboration. One of the goals of BPM is to improve working atmosphere as well as relations between managers and employees. That is why such options as corporate chat, dynamic workspaces, message boards etc. are truly indispensable.
  • Process engine. Business process management system also helps to automate all business processes within the company – from identifying action owners and deadlines to obtaining full statistics on the newly completed project. A special tool aimed at creating business processes is called business process designer. This is probably one of the most important and useful options of BPM, that’s why we are going to look through it in more details.

The notion of business process designer

business process designer

Generally speaking, BPM designer is a special web tool used for creating and editing various business process templates. These templates are represented by the schemes that describe the flow of information, actions and people or companies involved in each business process. Templates usually have the form of clear and representative block diagrams.

Creating a business process template using online BPM software includes two stages:

  • defining the main parameters of the future business process;
  • designing a template diagram, which will show the business process logic and the algorithm of its execution.

Bpm’online designer is based on a drag-and-drop technology, which is widely used in many modern applications. The user just has to move around the necessary elements in order to create an appropriate business process. Templates can be created in a special visual editing program.

BPM system allows for running newly created and existing business processes either manually or automatically. A business process may have multiple stages (or instances), each running independently. The system performs automatic scheduling, saves and shows the state of each instance and keeps the record for every business process and for the future statistical analysis.

Main advantages

The main advantages of a business process designer are:

  • High level of automation. The program will automatically perform as many actions as possible, saving you enough time for strategic thinking and long-term planning. The range of actions for each business process that can be performed in automatic mode is set by the user, so you can make the designer reflect all the needs of your company at a given period of time.
  • Integrity. The introduction of online business process management tools helps to start and run the whole project from the beginning to the end. You will not have to use any other BPM systems or perform any manual work to double-check the process. The user only has to follow the signals that the program sends and to analyze the relevant information.
  • Vast number of technical options. The editor sends notifications, reminds about deadlines and performs many other actions aimed at smooth project running. Your BPM program will help you to stay updated even if you have just joined the project and will make sure that you do not miss any important deadlines or meetings.
  • Bpm’online editor is very simple and user-friendly, so even non-tech employees can use it.

Hence, business process designer is a unique web tool that combines a great functionality and efficiency featured with a user-friendly interface and a clear design. The introduction of this tool to your business process management platform will help you to optimize project execution, avoiding staff dissatisfaction and excessive stress, therefore improving your company’s performance.

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