Bpm’online Tools for Marketing, Sales, and Service

Bpm’online Tools for Marketing, Sales, and Service

Bpm’online is a cloud-based customer management software designed to satisfy the needs of marketing, sales, and service. This platform allows companies to manage, automate, and control the whole customer lifecycle, from a lead generation stage to repeated sales and customer service provision. Bpm’online tools are highly valued in all areas of business for their ability to integrate marketing, sales and service activities into a single process-driven platform. Its key products can be either aligned into one single solution or used independently from one another.

You can read about the basic products of this system at https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm-software. In brief, there are three of them:

  • Bpm’online marketing. This product represents a multichannel marketing system, which lets marketing specialists develop and support extended communications with each customer.
  • Bpm’online sales. This is a sales force automation solution, focused on successful management of all the stages of the sales cycle. The BPM tools of this system are determined to improve your interaction with both leads and current customers.
  • Bpm’online service. This part of software provides customer support opportunities that help the company’s employees with customers engagement.

It is important to note that bpm’online can be deployed both on-demand and on-site, with the company’s data hosted in-house. Irrespective of the variant chosen, the firm’s staff can access the platform from anywhere, using their PCs or mobile devices. The software is compatible with Windows and iOS. In order to get additional information on the BPM banking solution and the way it can improve your business, you can read bpm’online CRM reviews.

Bpm’online Marketing Tools

Bpm’online Marketing Tools

This BPM solution lets enterprises create holistic and engaging marketing campaigns with smarter processes. It offers marketing specialists a number of intuitive tools, which let them keep their workflows packed with the top-grade resources and unique possibilities. Bpm’online tools improve all the aspects of the company’s marketing strategy, from lead nurturing to after-sale services. The dynamic reporting functionality of this platform will let you receive a better picture of your marketing opportunities and the employees’ performance.

The basic benefits of this business process management software for marketing are as follows:

  • The platform allows organizations maintain a constant dialogue with their customers, optimizing their communication strategies by use of mass mail responses.
  • It helps marketing managers obtain a 360-degree view of the clients and store all the data in the single database.
  • Bpm’online tools help organizations create efficient multichannel email campaigns, plan them with the simple visual designer, and monitor their progress in real time.

Bpm’online Sales Tools

Bpm’online Sales Tools

The platform includes a number of out-of-the-box functions, driving profitable sales processes and enabling complete control over the customer journey. This online BPM solution improves customer acquisition and boosts its development and retention. Companies get the opportunity to make the most out of their sales pipelines, as they can forecast buyers’ behavior and plan sales volumes in accordance with the market demands. Bpm’online tools help enterprises identify the chance of meeting their sales quotas, analyze sales reps efficiency, and add transparency to the process of reaching their sales goals. It becomes much easier for companies to manage their internal and external projects, as they get the variety of user-friendly BPM tools for setting project deadlines, managing costs, and assigning tasks to the employees.

Bpm’online Service Tools

This business process management solution has the following benefits for the support service specialists:

  • The system allows the company to create a single database for all its accounts and contacts. With bpm’online tools, the service desk specialists get the opportunity to keep record of contact data, track each buyer on the map, look through the customer service history, and so on. This is the way the specialists build a 360-degree view of their clients in order to provide them with better services.
  • Using the unified contact center of this BPM software, the company’s employees can manage their daily missions more effectively and quickly. The agents easily handle incoming requests, avoiding queues, perform bulk communications, send important information to other departments via ESN, and monitor the team’s performance in a single interface.
  • Organizations can plan all the necessary changes in this BPM online system via ITIL service strategy, which helps them eliminate possible errors in their infrastructure and increase the quality of their IT services. The single list of change requests will become a perfect base to successfully monitor priorities and control the quality of customer service.

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