BPM software solutions

BPM software solutions

BPM platform

BPM systems are based on modern online software, designed for running and analyzing all business processes within a company. Such systems feature dozens of highly efficient and reliable web tools, both default and customizable. BPM platforms have already proved to be among the greatest drivers of modern business.

Many companies across the globe have already discovered what Business Process Management software is (or, shortly, BPM software). Basically, it is the concept of running a company with the help of a holistic and well-thought web system, which can give you a full understanding of business processes and provide an access to analytics and various data etc.

Bpm’online platform provides numerous opportunities for all various types of companies – from online marketing start-ups to huge pharmaceutical corporations and legal firms. The secret lies in the fact that there is a vast array of basic software modules included in BPM platform, which make it highly unique and very multi-functional at the same time. Let us have a closer look at the main advantages of BPM systems and what web solutions they can offer to businesses.

What a BPM platform is

Business process management platform can be conventionally described as a bridge between modern web technologies and company’s activities. BPM software uses business data as the tool for getting reliable analytical and statistical reports. At the same time, BPM system generates ready-to-use business processes, detailed analytics etc. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation between the user and the software, providing for much higher business results.

BPM software consists of four major blocks:

  • Process engine. The main driver of the system, which enables all BPM processes – creating models, customizing, taking decisions, etc.
  • Analytics — a robust web package used for processing business data, obtaining statistics, identifying problems and opportunities and reacting promptly to possible risks.
  • Content management. One of the main BPM software solutions is the possibility to import, store, process and delete all kinds of business data – text documents, images, graphics, tables, etc. Important information will never get lost, and the retrieval of the necessary document will take just a couple of minutes.
  • Collaboration tools. Such tools can be called supportive, though, they largely help to optimize business processes with the help of internal chat collaboration, corporate forums, dynamic workspaces, etc.

These are the main groups of actions that business process management platform can perform. Now let us study some examples of BPM software solutions with respect to the main vectors of your business activity.

How BPM can help your business

BPM products have proved to be very efficient web tools, especially when it comes to marketing, sales and delivering customer service. Here is how these three spheres can be boosted with help of online BPM software:

  • Marketing. Business process management system enables in-depth market research, detailed analytics, identification of current trends, etc. With the help of the system you will be able to carry out email marketing, use mass mail responses and other powerful web tools.
  • Sales. Business process software helps to automate the whole sales cycle – from market entry to final sales reports. You will be able to obtain and analyze various sales data – volumes, profits, clients, accounts receivable, etc. BPM program will monitor all possible text and numerical sales data on a regular basis, enabling a user-friendly systemization and quick data uploading.
  • Service. BPM software tools also help to deliver exceptional customer experience. You will be able to store all customers’ contacts in a unified database, stay in touch with all your clients and provide after-sale service whenever your customers need it.

BPM tools

There is another important advantage that online business process management can offer to a company. The software enables vast customization, which means that you can not only use preset web tools but also adjust them so that they reflect all your company’s business needs. It is worth saying that such customization is rather intuitive and user-friendly, so even non-technical employees will find it easy to work with it. Besides, Bpm’online is also developing new online BPM software tools for a greater user experience.

Finally, BPM systems are equipped with such convenient business management tools as visual process designer, user wizard, process library, and customer relations management. The choice of the most suitable tools is individual and depends on specific business needs that your company may come across.

Hence, Bpm’online is a professional web package that can serve to all corporate needs and be suitable for all types of companies. Apart from great default tools, the platform features other customization options and allows for tailoring the main working tools.

Online business process management software is user-friendly and intuitive, providing a great user experience. BPM software solutions help to improve the company’s performance, as well as to revitalize the working atmosphere among your employees.

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