Best CRM Software

Best CRM Software

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies in various countries are embracing specialized web solutions aimed at improving customer relations. Such solutions are mainly represented by CRM software that can be installed in a particular company.

Customer relation management software helps you to keep in touch with your clients, keep track of all the deals with a particular customer, and stay updated on all the upcoming meetings and calls. Besides, such software enables companies to import and export data, offer post-sale services and even to browse social networks in the search of possible clients basing on the users’ shares, comments and likes. Along with preset tools, there are numerous customizable options that can be adjusted for the needs of a particular company. Depending on its type of activities or on its business goals, the company can choose the tools that will help it to achieve the best results.

Most types of CRM software are quite easy-to-use and intuitive. This means that managers and employees will feel equally comfortable when starting to use it. Interfaces typically contain no redundant or irrelevant information and thus help to focus on the things that are of prior importance.

Another advantage of CRM platforms is that they can be quite economical and hence are broadly used by small companies and start-ups which do not have extensive IT budgets. Such companies often use cloud or mobile versions of CRM products while big corporations can afford software with onsite deployment.

The user experience of customer relation management platforms depends on a particular developer and what they specialize at. In order to make your choice simpler, we have prepared the list of TOP 5 most reliable CRM providers that include:

  • Bpm’online;
  • Pipedrive;
  • Apptivo CRM;
  • Zoho CRM;
  • Mothernode CRM.

Let us study these brands in detail and see what their main features are.


Bpm’online crm software

This is one of the biggest developers of automated web solutions for companies of all scales but mainly for middle-sized and big entities. The company has been working on this market for 14 years already. The main advantage is the possibility to unite all business operations in one single process by means of offering a great number of various CRM and organizational tools.

Bpm’online’s software is perfectly integrated with many other IT services, which further increase the number of possible CRM solutions that it offers. Another advantage of this product is its quite laconic yet fresh design that makes it easy to use the platform and increases employees’ work satisfaction.



Pipedrive is one of the most famous CRM providers. This platform is used mainly by small or medium businesses that are planning to grow quickly.

The company’s online CRM software helps to track the whole sales process and ensure that no phone call or meeting is ever dropped. The program is fully integrated with various Google Apps and is great at forecasting client agreements.

Pipedrive’s software is based on the drag-and-drop principle and is extremely simple and user-friendly. In terms of its efficiency, this product cannot be beaten easily. However, some users note a certain lack of flexibility when working with no-Google email services.

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo is a great CRM solution for small and medium businesses, freelancers and other professionals. The system is easy to adjust, and it can offer a set of web tools depending on the size and needs of a particular company.

Apptivo supports activity tracking, sales pipeline analysis, unlimited customization, etc. Users note that Apptivo is easy-to-use and that the developer’s online help desk is extremely efficient. Possible cons include occasional touch screen failures that make the system inconvenient to use on some devices.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho is another well-known CRM software solution suitable for almost all types of companies – from small start-ups to big established organizations. This platform helps to create a single business process and optimize its management.

Users state that the platform is great at managing contacts and keeping a list of to-do items. The interface is user-friendly, and the system is quite convenient itself. On the other hand, most frequently reported cons include a perceptibly limited number of options in the free demo version, which make the opportunities of the product more difficult to assess.

Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM

Mothernode is an automated web solution for small and mid-sized businesses. It helps to facilitate business process management and provides integrated tools for marketing and sales operations.

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it is equally convenient either for experts or for novices. The program improves a business organization and contributes to a quicker growth. Mothernode also features smooth contact management and fluid navigation.


As we now see, the best CRM software can truly improve business relations with clients and is conveniently integrated with other business processes and types of software. The choice of the most optimal platform depends on your strategic business goals and some specific aspects of company’s activities.

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