4 Best Banking CRM Software

4 Best Banking CRM Software

CRM software is a cutting-edge tool for modern businesses. Every day, companies and their employees create vast quantities of data. After each talk of company’s agent with the potential customer, he/she finds out new information about his/her demands, requests and possible wishes. Where does all this information go after it? Is it stored in paper documents or in notepads on laptops, or just in the agent’s head? In case some details are forgotten or your staff member walks out of the door with all that knowledge, you will lose that information. The solution to this problem is called CRM or Customer Relationship Management. It takes your customer data and transforms it into practical and useful information that is of great importance for your business. Bpm’online is the kind of CRM systems that deliver excellent customer experience while increasing operational efficiency.

CRM in Banking and Financial Services

Banks offer their customers a wide range of products and services. It is vital to interconnect operations of the bank’s divisions in order to enhance the bank’s efficiency level and create more comfortable conditions for customers:

  • From the bank’s point of view: so that the customer information could be better assessed; this especially refers to customer risk when dealing with credit products;
  • From a customer’s point of view: so that an individual customer wouldn’t have to refer to multiple departments in order to receive his/her product or service.

CRM software for banks provides tools that can use relevant customer information to segment and deliver the right product or service at the proper time. This will result in the ability to track and develop dynamic relationships with profitable customers and identify services and products that can be useful for them.

Top 4 CRM in Banking Sector

№1: bpm’online

Vendor offers its out-of-the-box products for banks. Bpm’online has developed its innovative process-driven CRM for banks and financial institutions. This software has many attractive features for potential users, such as:

  • It provides the opportunity to create a unified customer base of existing and potential clients. The software helps keep record of all history of interactions, contact data, and client products and requests.
  • It provides profile completeness allowing to add all missing data of significant customers.
  • It allows for segmentation of individuals and legal entities in order to improve communication. Your customers can be grouped according to socio-demographic and other data; groups of highly profitable clients can be created for personalized interaction with them.
  • It offers communication and interaction history. This software allows keeping track of every interaction with a contact or account.
  • It gives access to client database analytics allowing to monitor and enhance processes through the analysis of your customer database.

№2: CRMnext

CRMnext is another company that offers banking CRM software. This company has developed its products to increase customer loyalty and boost revenue through the use of a powerful CRM software. CRMnext provides the following services and features in its CRM for banking:

  • You can create convenient tool access for sales and service teams. The software allows generation of real-time reports across teams, products and locations. Reporting can be done through a unified reporting system. Decision-making can be improved with the help of performance indicators.
  • Customer profitability can be enhanced via value band segmentation. Boosting of cross-selling allows for the increase of wallet-share, and the use of referral management will result in low-cost high-quality leads.
  • Your satisfaction and customer loyalty will increase due to the opportunity to process all customer requests on a single digital CRM platform. The use of cloud CRM in banking sector will allow for ensuring continuous customer experience at all levels. “Service to sale” process is a new feature that helps to monetize service satisfaction.

№3: Pega

Pega also delivers CRM solutions for banks. This company met the challenge of developing an up-to-date customer relationship management software for banks. Since clients’ expectations regarding the quality of service have grown drastically, they find it easier to take their business to another place. So banking CRM solution must address all the current problems and resolve the issues that customers face in their everyday business activities. The company offers the following solutions and features:

  • The challenges regarding consumer preferences and current regulations resulted in developing of a new generation of CRM banking software. It allows for drawing a wide range of data (both structured and unstructured) into a central analytics engine. That helps determine next steps in interactions with customers.
  • This software offers coordination of service interactions and programs. You can create applications, campaigns, and rules and use them for interaction with clients without any coding.
  • This bank CRM empowers users to control the process of creating and updating business applications and rules. The users of this software can utilize an intuitive graphic interface and specify business models and requirements.
  • Use of CRM solutions for banks allows for development and execution of highly targeted sales processes and marketing campaigns. Your customers can have a consistent view of the company you present via all channels, such as call center, mobile communication, and web services.
  • The software was designed to allow quick updates of rules and applications in response to ever-changing market conditions.

№4: New Signature

New Signature is a company that developed a well-planned banks’ CRM Its features and services include:

  • Appropriate response to potential issues and problems with customers. Its CRM provides timely and efficient support for front line employees and management.
  • Security and access control. The software offered by this company guarantees safety of storage and use of data.
  • Integration with other systems. Such a complex task as integration with other banking systems is carried out through the use of robust and mature tools offered by the company.

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