8 Key Features to Look for in CRM Tools

8 Key Features to Look for in CRM Tools

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, as their name suggests, help you manage relationships with your customers and prospects and get to know them better in order to satisfy their needs. It also enables you to automate various repetitive and time-consuming processes, so that you can increase productivity and efficiency.

This is just scratching the surface, as CRM tools can provide your business with a lot more benefits but, since you’re reading this, you are certainly way past the reasons why you need these tools. You want to know which features your CRM software should have to help you increase operational efficiency and generate more sales and ROI.

Sophisticated CRM products have even more features than the following, but these are the top ones to focus on in your search for the right software solution, as they can definitely do a lot of heavy lifting and make a huge difference in your business.

Contact Management

This is a feature that all CRM products have, but you need to make sure that it comes with a lot of options for managing your contacts and providing them with superior customer experience. Apart from storing all your contacts’ information, this feature should enable you to store and organize their history of interactions with your company, including previous purchases, so that you can better understand their needs and preferences.

This 360° view of your customers will empower your teams and enable them to easily retrieve any necessary information for seizing opportunities and providing fast and high-quality service.

Lead Management

Lead management tools will help you easily capture more quality leads and keep track of them, as well as evaluate when certain leads are ready to make a purchase. Once you know that, you can assign them to the most appropriate agents and ensure much better conversion rates.

This feature will also help you identify the best channels for lead generation so that you can better focus your efforts and generate more leads and conversions, ultimately increasing your sales and ROI.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Even if you have some tools for knowledge management, you should make sure that the CRM software you choose has them as well. Otherwise, you and your team would be constantly switching from one system to another, which would take a lot of time and make you frustrated.

Make sure your CRM software has a knowledge base where you can keep and edit all your files, documents, presentations and articles so that anyone can have instant access to necessary information. What’s more, your agents can communicate with one another within the knowledge base and post notes, comments and any other important updates.

Marketing and Sales Automation

Since aligning your marketing and sales teams is very important for the overall success of your business, you should utilize a system that enables them to work together. With such a CRM software solution, where they can share contacts, deals, and ideas, your sales team can help your marketing team develop better strategies and campaigns, while your marketing will help sales capture more leads.

Third-Party Integration

Collaboration Tools

Integrating your CRM software with other systems that you already use can really go a long way and help you improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Instead of switching between systems to, let’s say, find a particular email from a customer who needs help, you can find what you need in just a few seconds.

Apart from storing and tracking email, you can do the same regarding social media, but third-party integrations should definitely not stop there. The more integrations your CRM tool allows, the higher your productivity and efficiency will be, eventually leading to better service and completely satisfied customers.

Mobile Access

Being able to access not only account details and customer interactions but also all the organizational schedules, activities and back-office data is extremely important for your organization. With mobile CRM, your business will never get disrupted, as you can work on-the-go, managing all your tasks and activities and optimizing all your essential processes.

Moreover, your sales force team will significantly improve their efforts and generate more sales, since they will be able to access any necessary information via their smartphones or tablets while out in the field. They will have instant access to real-time data and they will be notified about any document changes or other updates.

Collaboration Tools

Make sure you find CRM software that comes with extensive collaboration tools so that you can seamlessly manage not only all communications with customers but also internal communications. That way, your team members will effectively collaborate with one another within the system and share files and documents.

They can also manage their calendar, schedule tasks and meetings and create various tasks that they can link to contacts and documents. Furthermore, you can easily track their activities and analyze their performance based on their meetings, emails, calls and other activities.

Reports and Analytics

CRM software solutions that only allow you to collect and store data are not the best solutions to go with. In order to understand that data and make much better business decisions, you need to be able to analyze it and get a clear insight into what it actually means to your business.

Find a CRM tool that comes with robust real-time reporting and analytics that can help you identify and eliminate any potential bottlenecks in your strategy and improve your overall performance. What’s more, make sure the software you choose enables you to customize your reports according to your unique needs.

Having all these features in mind will help you find the right CRM software for your needs, as they have been proven to benefit any business. Pay attention to the ease of use and scalability as well, since those will also go a long way. Whichever solution you choose in the end, make sure it seamlessly works in the favor of nurturing your customer relationships and turning your organization into a successful and profitable one.

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