5 top-notch BPM software tools to leave your competitors behind

5 top-notch BPM software tools to leave your competitors behind

Business communities are striving to make their operations more standardized, adaptable and efficient both in terms of costs and workhours. One way to do it is to streamline business processes and dispose of time-consuming routine tasks. The recent surge in computational capabilities combined with high-speed broadband internet access opens a new avenue for overall automation and BPM systems are at the bleeding edge of this trend.

What is BPM software and why do you need it? Essentially, business process management tools are standalone or cloud applications that allow to design, optimize, implement and analyze workflow of your company through visual BPM editors, detailed reporting and low code tools for workflow automation. They are the digital embodiment of the approach which claims that refined business processes result in increased workplace discipline, more informed decision-making and overall efficiency boost. Therefore, if you have never heard of BPM software tools, than maybe it’s time for a small research because chances are that you are missing something important. You may as well start with this overview of 5 popular BMP softwares to get an idea of products available on the market and benefits they can provide for your business.

Bpm’online ― a multitool for business operations

Bpm’online BPM software

Bpm’online offers professional products to empower the core business activities such as marketing, sales and customer service. While the product range also includes a plethora of industry-specific solutions, they have one thing in common ― a cloud BPM platform built around an exclusive BPM engine. The system has everything needed for comprehensive business process management: create process from scratch using the universally established BPMN notation, modify existing processes of any complexity, test freshly coined projects for consistency and efficiency, base your decisions on sophisticated automated analytics, etc.

Unlike many other solutions, Bpm’online engine makes it possible to modify the running process in real time, which grants the unrivalled adaptability so needed in today’s competitive environment. An extensive depository of out-of-the-box processes backed up by third-party integrations boosts initial implementation of the BPM approach. Powerful and well-documented customizability options enable further tailoring of this BPM software tool to individual requirements. Outstanding flexibility makes this system suitable both for enterprises working with big data and small-to-medium businesses aimed at personalized approach.

What makes this platform unique is a centralized informational environment that will join the departments of your company into a single entity with perfect collaboration capabilities. Flawless within-company interactions built according to best business practices and supported with reliable automation options result in improved labor productivity, quicker and more precise decision-making, instant reaction to changes and, ultimately, a surge in revenues.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM ― powerful data processing and resource optimization

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM

Data is the principal resource which powers up large-scale operations, and assuming control over the information flow is crucial for comprehensive optimization. Programmers at TIBCO are perfectly aware of it, so they designed a BPM system perfectly fit to process large-scale volumes of data coming from multiple sources. ActiveMatrix provides a powerful environment to coordinate processes, context, activities and involved people to minimize mistakes without compromising productivity.

Contrary to Bpm’online, TIBCO is not centered on customer relations, rather it strives to boost performance of the company itself. Its strong side is optimizing resource allocation to cut expenditures and ensure that everyone gets resources required for productive work. Maybe not so great at predicting possible outcomes and conducting experiments through ready-to-use  business practices, TIBCO is an extremely useful BPM software tool  to analyze the current setup, identify bottlenecks and take measures to optimize the operations throughout all the levels of the company.

Flokzu ― code-free task automation

Flokzu BPM software

You don’t need a sledgehammer to pin down a poster. Flokzu is perfectly suitable for smaller businesses who are not very familiar with business process management and not ready to invest into enterprise-level BPM systems. What Flokzu does is code-free and easy-to-learn means for basic workflow automation and business process modelling. Of course, it also includes decent reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor your progress.

Being a less ambitious (and pricy) piece of software, Flozu is not intended to be an all-encompassing business environment.  Instead, it offers a 700+ integrations with third-party services to fit nicely into your current setup. Consider Flokzu’s ease of deployment (cloud-based) combined with smooth learning curve and decent usability is you are searching for an affordable way to perform basic BPM operations (modelling, testing and automation).

PerfectForms ― both web forms and business processes

PerfectForms BPM software

As the name implies, PerfectForms’ principal task is designing all types of HTML-based custom forms, which it does perfectly. Indeed, its visual editor yields pixel-perfect web forms in a code-free, enjoyable manner. Users praise PerfectForms for the ease of use and form-building power, but it also doubles as a process editor.

In this regard, this tool ― available as an online service or a standalone localized installation ― is probably the most intuitive solution on the market. Drag’n’drop visual editor and a library of ready-to-use templates allow to kickstart process management quickly even if you have never done it before. As for automation, PerfectForms enables swift development of workflow apps, while informative dashboards help analyze information automatically derived from the forms and apps.

PMNsoft Sequence ― industry-tailored BMP software

PMNsoft Sequence BPM software

PMNsoft Sequence positions itself as a flexible BPM system intended for mid-size companies working in various fields. PMNsoft features a family of product tailored to specific industries with the sole purpose of business process optimization. With productivity surge in mind, this BPM software is equipped with a process designer, business rules management tools, reporting system and a communicational platform.

It fosters coordination between departments and provides employees with a step-by-step workflow sequences to improve discipline and automate routine operations. Additionally, PMNsoft portal offers a decent knowledge base featuring webinars, video tutorials and well-though manuals to promote the BPM approach across the new users. Essentially, it is a robust solution for those familiar with individual requirements for their workflow and have a clear understanding of what capabilities hey seek in a software BPM platform.

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