6 sales management software solutions that can energize your business

6 sales management software solutions that can energize your business

Success and competitiveness of any company whether it is a small start-up or large enterprise desperately depend upon the efficient performance of a sales department. Sales specialists, in their turn, need a powerful tool to arrange sales, monitor investments, address business risks, automate daily sales procedures and tasks, forecast outcomes and report on the results. Sales management software is a smart technology designed to help organizations orchestrate sales initiatives from top to bottom.

The right sales software brings numerous benefits to a company. For instance, it helps teams reduce manual operation and paperwork through sales process automation. Workflow automation results in an improved staff performance and greater employee satisfaction. Sales management systems are also able to keep a detailed record on all the operations that take place within a sales lifecycle from production to delivery. Salespeople can leverage this information to detect sales insufficiencies and bottlenecks and make more accurate data-driven decisions. Moreover, such a program can give business executives a comprehensive picture of a sales department’s effectiveness and customers’ engagement/loyalty with a brand.

Obviously, good sales management software can greatly handle many business needs and help with every aspect of a sales process. However, choosing a suitable package is an arduous task which can take too much time and efforts. We’ve prepared for you detailed reviews on the most popular sales software which is aimed at boosting your sales and incomes.

Bpm’online sales

Bpm’online sales

The current leader in its category, bpm’online sales, provides best practices for increasing a selling power of a company of any size. Built with convenience in mind, bpm’online is able to automate customer-facing processes and manage an entire customer journey – from the very first communication with a prospect to repeat sales, thus bringing sales, marketing and customer service under one roof.

This sales management software empowers its users to make the most out of a pipeline, eliminate process errors and drive business results. Owing to the ready-to-go processes, stakeholders can determine a strategy for each deal, track the behavior of customers and competitors in the social media, gain a better control over payments and transactions, get actual data on a warehouse inventory in a matter of seconds and generate custom reports on performance. Cloud-hosted bpm’online comes with an unprecedentedly generous functionality to serve unique needs of any organization:

  • Big Data management
  • Business process management and automation
  • Comprehensive customer view
  • Data migration and third-party integration
  • Field sales management
  • Knowledge database
  • Lead lifecycle management
  • Mobile application
  • Opportunity management
  • Payment management
  • Project management
  • Real-time stats and analytics
  • System customization
  • Team collaboration panel

You don’t need a CRM!

You don't need a CRM!

A gaining popularity platform You don’t need a CRM! is a sales management instrument designed to help salespeople become more productive and do more business with customers. This online sales software is capable of keeping track of a company’s leads and nurturing them through a sales pipeline while saving the personnel from a necessity to enter lead information manually – You don’t need a CRM! captures and creates leads automatically. The application also provides an opportunity to customize sales processes according to the specific requirements of an enterprise. Along with solid lead management capabilities, this solution features:

  • Sales funnel management
  • Agent’s to-do lists and notifications
  • Website and Google apps synchronization
  • Sales statistics and reporting
  • Sales process personalization
  • Collaboration and team management



Considered one of the best sales management software, Autopilot is meant to help companies put marketing on an auto mode. It will definitely match the goals of all business types and industries as this cloud-based application provides sophisticated tools to empower firms to deliver personalized customer experience both online and offline. With Autopilot, participants can create multi-channel campaigns, build sales workflows in the system’s virtual canvas in a drag-n-drop manner, manage and segment contact lists to dynamically engage with a target audience, track conversions and analyze a funnel from different angles. The key functions of Autopilot include:

  • Event-triggered automation
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Smooth integration
  • Lead nurturing
  • Pipeline visualization
  • Revenue reporting
  • Website behavior tracking



Ideal for small and medium commercial organizations, Hatchbuck really deserves to give it a try. This software for sales management enables its users to manage a pool of customers, automate marketing activities and get instant insights into the sales performance. By offering a solid array of tools, Hatchbuck helps to create email templates tailored for specific audiences, capture new leads from a website and keep track of customers/partners across popular social networks. Other capabilities of such a sales management system are:

  • CRM features
  • Email marketing
  • Sales reports
  • Contact, deal, and campaign tracking
  • Task management
  • Deals pipeline



Nearly 100% user satisfaction gives us a right to regard Brightpearl as one of the best software for sales management. The solution lets front line professionals better understand sales performance, monitor inventory, automate repetitive sales procedures and organize omnichannel marketing and interaction with customers. The Brightpearl cloud sales software will be a hub for managing the whole business of small and midsized companies because this platform provides:

  • Sales management
  • Inventory management
  • CRM
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Other apps integration
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Order management

CompanyHub CRM

CompanyHub is one great tool to boost your sales productivity. Keeping in mind the issues that sales team faces in adopting to a sales software, CompanyHub is an actual blessing for sales team that comes with easy as excel lead/contact management.

With CompanyHub you can customize your account the way your business is and it is a complete DIY customization. You do not need to take help from any developer to customize your account. With Customization you can also automate anything from your sales process with Sales bots and that will actually save your sales team time. You can actually invest this time in core selling.

CompanyHub a feature rich tool comprising of:

  1. Lead/ contact management.
  2. Email sync and bulk emails, custom email templates and tracking. All in one.
  3. Sales reports.
  4. Deals
  5. Integrations
  6. Automation

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